Friday, February 24, 2012

Family Matters

This is a post with lots of family pictures from Chris' side.
Some are Raabes (Robbie). Some are Raabe ( Some are Pawluk
I grew up in a good family and I am grateful for the experiences I had which have shaped me into the woman, wife and mother I am today. I remember many trips to grandma and grandpa's house in little Garfield and as well as trips to Hutchinson to see grandma and Aunt Delma. It was a 3 hour drive so we usually left early Sunday morning and got home late that same night. What I didn't experience was spending time with extended family.
Our girls regularly see grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and family member we don't really even know how they fit in. Something like a second cousin once removed inlaw. ha ha It's GREAT!
My girls with Great Grandma. What a treasure!!
Meet Stephen...the newest member of the family.
Stephen is trying to remove an arrow from the wall in Dean and Linda's backyard. Apparently Chris' bow is pretty powerful and Stephen's aim is a little off. Ha ha We welcome you!

Chris' family Christmas weekend

Nana and Papa with our girls on Easter

Annual Raabe Family Reunion
Gift time for the little kids. Some years it's a christmas theme, this year it was an Easter theme. Aunt Helen loves to buy gifts for all the great nieces and nephews.

Cousin Erica got hitched to her German beau, Fritz this summer in North Dakota.
We weren't able to attend. (so sad)

Again, Stephen with my fantastic sister in law
We now have Holly and Stephen in the metro area...more family.
Thanks Holly for the time you put into our girls, they love you dearly!

I love this little guy.
Sometime when Kelly drops him off I just might keep him.

Another Raabe ( family reunion

This covers both my family and Chris'.
What is amazing about this event is that Chris' aunt and cousin traveled 5 hours to Hutchinson, KS to help us pack up and move Aunt Delma to Nebraska. What a servant's heart!
I big shout out to my cousin Marianne and her sweet daughter Rachel from Seattle.

The July 4th North Dakota family reunion comes around every 5 years.
These are Minnesota cousins with their kids and our 3 girls.

Linda (mother-in-law) with her mom and 3 of her 6 siblings.

Family support!
Reagan played in a KC soccer tourney in January. What a lucky girl to have 2 aunts and 2 uncles come cheer her on as they took first place in the 3 day event.
Back in the day, families were not so spread out. They lived close to one another (sometimes LIVED together and I am not in favor of that. ha ha) and helped raise the next generation. I have heard "it takes a village" to raise a family and I fully agree.
Thank you to the family and friends who have come along side Chris and me to help build a strong and loving family.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Flat Stanley

Have you heard of the little guy (in a book) who was smashed flat by something falling off of his wall?  He gets sent all over the US, or world I guess, to friends and families to document his travels.  It's a cute idea and really not that big of a deal but became a pain in the rear for me only because I procrastinated.

Let me introduce to you Flat Stanley in Omaha, Nebraska

We had TWO Stanley's sent to us, one from Florida and one from Iowa.
F.S. in front of his Clayton's old house
I thought the students in Florida would enjoy seeing the snow.

Yep, F.S. took a trip to the dentist with us. 
Dr Trumm said he had a good check up.

Our faith in Jesus is a big part of our lives so naturally attending church is a priority.
F.S. heard a story about a God who loves everyone...also Clayton's old church.

This is our Iowa F.S.  After going to the dentist we visited Krispy Kreme.

Both Stanleys enjoyed their trip to Chris' 7th grade classroom
What boy won't like the attention of a bunch of pretty girls?

And here is F.S. at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE.
Nebraska is the home of the UNL Cornhuskers.
Omaha is the home of the UNO Mavericks and Creighton Bluejays
but I don't really care about either of those teams so no pictures.  ha

F.S. at Clayton's old school...isn't he a great tree climber?

Vincent and Bella hanging out with our guests.

Both F.S. attended some basketball and soccer games. 

Today there will be a quick trip to the Omaha Doorly's one of the best in the nation.

Thanks for sharing the journey of Flat Stanley with us.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flying High!

 Never mind the holes in the socks.

 Should I be concerned that it's a different day (diff shirt) but the SAME SOCKS?

 Never been to the ER with this kiddo...can you believe it?

 No wonder she needs an adjustment every week!

It's all fun and games until someone falls off the bed...or flies out the window.
Oh my, I really didn't know this was going on until I found my daughter's camera.
What a great chuckle I got today!

Dear Lord,
Please protect my children when I am not around them.
Thank you Jesus!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

HaPPy BiRthDaY to You!

Welcome to the teen years my beautiful daughter.

Birthdays have several fun aspects to them in our family.  One of them is dinner out and the birthday girl (or boy) gets to pick the place.  I was sure we were going to HuHot this year for Emma, at the last minute she switched to Red Robin, still a good choice.  A highlight for Emma was ordering off the adult menu AND ordering a drink.  Here she is with her "Freckled Lemonade".

the fam with the teenager

Our server was a great guy.  Before embarrassing Emma with the Red Robin birthday song he asked her if she wanted the attention.  HELLO!!!  Middles school who loves attention was happy to put the balloons behind her ears just to get a free dessert.

We have been in our current house for 3 1/2 years and the girls are all starting to ask for bedroom makeovers.  We don't need to repaint but we are changing Emma's new room into a Paris themed room.

Aw, money!!
Olivia knows the importance of giving.  She found a book in the house and wrapped it up for her sister's birthday.  Judy Moody is something Emma read about 4 years ago but she still thanked Liv and gave her a big hug.  It made Liv's day.  What a great big sister!

Gourmet GF cupcakes that are to die for...can't wait!