101 Things

My friend Vicki ran across a gal's blog that had a 101/1001 list.  After a little investigative work she realized this was a real thing so she made a list of her own.  Today I decided that I too am ready to make a list and see where it might take me.  I have a very random list of goals that I would like to complete or start in the next 1001 days.  If I begin tomorrow (October 26, 2010) my ending day will be July 24, 2013.  I have no idea how practical this is but here I go.  You can find some info at the sight listed below and even make your own list.

In No Particular Order...

1. Take a Photography class

2. Get CPR certified again

3. Write a letter to each of the girls each year (6/9)

4. Have a trust drawn up w/ caretakers assigned

5. Don't worry so much what others think
( I think I have decided this just isn't going to happen but it's a goal)

6. Learn to play guitar

7. Take Dancing Lessons with Chris

8. Family camping trip to Lewis & Clark State Park

9. Go to a concert

10. Purchase Husker Football Season Tickets

11. Hire someone to clean, especially the bathrooms

12. Create a custom recipe book

13. Have dinner guests once a month

14. Create a blog for Chris' book

15. Inspire someone to create a 101/1001 List my friend Annette H

16. Buy Flowers for someone

17. Visit the Gulf of Mexico

18. Become an Organ Donor

19. Volunteer for Crisis Pregnancy Center

20. Mentor a young mother

21. Buy a Canon Rebel or equivalent (got a Sony Alpha 33 and LOVE IT!)

22. Go on a 2nd Honeymoon with Chris

23. Teach Emma to cook

24. Throw a surprise party

25. Help someone create a budget

26. Buy primarily organic foods

27. Take Voice Lessons

28. Visit Mt Rushmore

29. Declutter the basement (need to start over on this one)

30. Design a backyard flower garden (this is a constant work in progress)

31. Paint or side the house 
painted the house 8-2011

32. Have coffee/lunch with a friend weekly

33. Wake up with Chris once a week M-F

34. Send an encouraging note once a week
(just started this April 2011)

35. Attend a Broadway Show 
off-Broadway..."Wicked" for our 15th anniversary June 2011

36. Visit Niagara Falls

37. Go Christmas Caroling

38. Make a list of 100 things I'm thankful for

39. Go to Mall of America

40. Invite 5 people to church and follow up (2/5)

41. Do the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer walk 2011 2012

42. Double My Impact

43. Organize my scrapbook room
(did it once but it's in need again!)

44. Read my bible daily

45. Go snow skiing

46. Semi-Annual Scrapbook weekend 
we missed winter2010 and summer 2011 doesn't look good either
now that it is Sept 2012 and this still hasn't happened I'm thinking I need to mark it off

47. Visit a Nursing Home

48. Go hiking in Colorado

49. Take a girlfriend shopping trip in Colorado

50. Take a cake decorating class

51. Learn a foreign language

52. Get my passport

53. Exercise daily

54. Read a book a month (7/33)
One Tuesday Morning, K Kingsbury
A Time To Dance, K Kingsubry
Wyoming Brides, D Macomber
Waiting for Morning, K Kingsbury
Hunger Games, S Collins
Catching Fire, S Collins
Heaven is for Real, T Burpo
MockingJay, S Collins
Moment of Weakness, K Kingsbury
Between Sundays, K Kingsbury

55. Try 10 new recipes (5/10)
Rachel Ray's turkey meat balls...yummy
Cilanto Bean salad...ok

56. Family Disney World Vacation
July 2011

57. Buy a laptop
December 2010

58. Lose 50 lbs

59. Go to the ballet

60. Go on another mission trip

61. Go back to college

62. Create our wedding album

63. Eat sushi 
Seasons 52

64. Go on a hot air balloon ride

65. Visit Seattle Washington

66. Go to games in 6 ML baseball stadiums on the east coast

67. Get a facial

68. Serve a meal at a shelter

69. Run a 5K
Sept 16, 2012 Corporate Cup-Omaha 10K
October 6, 2012 Color Run-Des Moines 5K

70. Take a vacation to the New England states

71. Start the 2011, 2012, 2013 Christmas Jar

72. Send a secret to PostSecret

73. Go on weekly dates with Chris

74. Pay off our house

75. Buy a new car with cash
Nov 30, 2011, Dodge Grand Caravan...Dave Ramsey would have been proud

76. Go sky diving

77. Expand my scrapbook business, instead I started my Norwex business and LOVE IT!

78. Read to the girls daily

79. Memorize a book of the bible

80. Be married to a published author 
October 2011

81. Donate blood every 8 weeks

82. Adopt a child

83. Memorize scripture with the girls

84. Get a pedicure

85. Go on a cruise

86. Have a spa day

87. Keep a journal for Emma

88. Keep a journal for Reagan

89.  Keep a journal for Olivia

90. Get a massage
(twice a month, well worth it!)

91. Be a foster parent

92. Pay for a stranger's meal

93. Learn to play golf

94. Volunteer at school once a week

95. Redecorate bathroom #1, #2, #3

96. Teach an exercise class

97. Go to Schimpff's candy museum and store in Jeffersonville, Indiana

98. Read all of Karen Kingsburys series
Redemption Series
First Born Series
Sunrise Series

99. Go water skiing

100. Go to a Smith Center High School football game

101. Send out birthday cards on time.

I plan to make updates and post dates when completed.  Please join me in this journey, I may need some encouragement from time to time.  thanks friends!


last updated December 2011