Saturday, August 30, 2008


Wish I was here....... Today is the opening game of the season under our new coach! Can't wait...starting in 10 min!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Bright New Comet

Reagan's first soccer game {tonight} as a Comet. She was like a flash across the sky as she ran the length of the field. Not that we're keeping track but she did kick 2 of the 4 goals scored by her team. The goalies, one of them her best friend, were great as well. The other team didn't even score once! What a fun night for everyone. Tonight Daddy was able to see her play. Unfortunately it'll be the only game of the season that he'll see due to conflicting soccer and softball schedules.

SIDE NOTE: This was my first attempt at using my new Photoshop Elements. I think I'm going to love it!

American Ideal

Look at these 2 beauties!!! Sunday night Emma and Reagan completed a 9 week term with the Back Stage Dance company. They presented a christian musical called American Ideal. It's a take off of American Idol. The kids did a great job and had loads of fun. In the meantime, hopefully there were people there who heard alittle bit about Jesus Christ, maybe even for the first time ever.
Reagan doing a cartwheel across the stage. Too bad mom's not a better photographer. Reagan was in 3 dances. For a girl who thinks she doesn't like dance she was awesome! Funny side note: Tuesday was the first dress rehearsal, it was also soccer practice. Reagan decided she should QUIT the musical so she could be at soccer practice. We urged her to do the right thing. :)
Emma is the taller dancer with the light pink shirt on. She was one of the backup singer/dancers. What a fun experience for Emma, I don't think she was ready for it to be over. She was in 4 or 5 dances. The girls did a great job calling cousins, aunts, grandparents, neighbors, etc. They had 12 people come for the dinner and production. We can't wait to see the video when it comes in.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Whew! I finally feel good enough to spend a little time on the computer again. I have been in bed or half dead on the couch for 2 weeks with West Nile Virus (probably). We are praying for continued health and healing. I've gotta say a HUGE "thank you" to my MIL for helping out with food, childcare and laundry while I was down. There's still lots to do...I'll be playing catch up for a while.

The girls went back to school mid August. Here they are sporting their new backpacks. So far they are loving their new school. After all, it does have a GREAT playground. ha ha
We have had a bunch of visitors this summer. Our friends have really blessed us. You all are welcome anytime at our "hotel". Reagan and her buddy from GI are giving me their best smiles.
One of our favorite visitors this summer was Great Grandma from Arizona. Her visit coinsided with our A/C dying so nana and papa not only had Grandma staying with them but our family of 5 as well. We now understand what it is like to have several generations living under the same roof. Certainly, not something we would choose to do long term. Can't believe the summer is over and the school year is already going full speed ahead. Softball has started for Chris and his JV team. The first set of games are Friday. Tuesday, Reagan has her first soccer game. Emma starts orchestra this week. And Olivia and I are enjoying our time together, planning on going to the library right after we get some house work done.