Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Boys

No Chris and I don't have any boys of our own but we do have a site we would like to share with you. Some of you know where I'm from, some of you don't really care. :) The site below has a video clip about a small town in Kansas with a winning football team.
Joe Drape writes for the New York Times. He, his wife and 3 yr old child moved to Smith Center for 8 mos to write a book about my little town. Side note: can you imagine moving from New York to Smith Center, a town of 1500 people? I can't wait to read the book, it comes out August 19th. Go check out the site.

Today's Thought:
Perfection is not the key but the pursuit of excellence is!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is the Day That the Lord Has Made

What a great day! It's still July right? I ask because it felt like a perfect warm fall day. I couldn't help myself but spread out a blanket and get some reading done in the warm sun. The whole family spent some time laying in the yard but it just wasn't the same kind of relaxation with 3 little girls rolling all over me.

This morning I donated blood. Let me urge each and every one of you to do that this week. Be sure to drink plenty of water and little to no caffeine before donating. It takes 60-90 minutes which includes my travel time. Seriously, that's not a big deal. This is a gift that costs you nothing but can make an impact on a life (by saving it) like no other. HINT: I no longer go to the mobiles, I'm such a hard stick that I need the best of the best or they simply don't find my vein. I've had some very painful donations. So if you are a little nervous, start by going to the Red Cross donation center in your city.

Rodger and a business associate were in town last night and today for a "meat-ing". We throughly enjoyed our time with them, it wasn't even the bribe of the flowers, wine and fantastic beef they brought to the house. It was the time sitting around chatting.

Wow, it's super late. I should not be trying to put together complete sentences at this time of night. I am exhausted! Guess I'll be editing this tomorrow.

One more note worthy item...
Chris finished revising his novel tonight. Next week our friend Stacy Vogel will be editing it. Not sure where we are going after that. We'll be praying that God opens a door for us. Tomorrow Chris will be at the Nebraska Writer's Gild.

2 Thoughts...
Give Life by donating blood
Thank God for your blessings rather than focusing on your trials.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


They'll let you down every time! When will I learn to place all my hopes, dreams and security in God and God alone? We aren't perfect but He is. We can't keep promises but He does. We don't love unconditionally but He does.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Campin' for Christ (2nd grade style)

Reagan and Gabby went on their first ever over-night church camp. It was important for Reagan to have a friend with her for several reasons. #1 We have prayed for our daughters since birth to have christian friends who will support and keep our girls accountable even when we aren't around. We see this as an opportunity for their friends to grow and learn about Christ. #2 Reagan was a little nervous about going away and not knowing anyone. #3 Inviting a new friend to camp provided us with a discount. All good reasons!

Below the girls are standing in front of the newly built lodge. Lucky for them...much nicer sleeping quarters than what the boys had.

Reagan loved the zip line and climbing wall the best unless you count the snack shop, that was a huge hit too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Thursday as Nana and Papa pulled out of our driveway with the 3 girls I found myself joyfully waving and preparing for some quality time with my husband...certainly a highlight. Chris and I went to my college friend's wedding in Grimes IA. I have never seen Julie so happy as when she was standing by her new husband David. We will be praying for their new union and blended family. Julie and David will never forget that we made it to their wedding. Chris took it upon himself to make sure there were plenty of pictures taken at the reception...he was in most of them.

Have I already blogged about a family reunion this summer? This weekend in North Dakota was our 3rd summer family gathering.

Grandma and 4 of her 7 children.
We had a great time in Valley City, ND with family that we haven't seen in 5 years. Our three girls really enjoyed Sara and Pat's 3 kids. Liv called Aiden her best friend and by the end of the weekend she called him boyfriend. YIKES! :)

Papa told stories of Ole and Lena and the Norwegian Indians...we even saw the Great Medicine Wheel. The kids LOVED it!

Three days in a hotel was most certainly the highlight of the trip for the girls...lots of swimming. Sandborn hosted the world famous 4th of July parade (Emma was in it)

and later that night a world class fireworks display, mosquitoes included.

The trip home was long, longer than it should have been. I'm guessing 8+ hours but who's counting when you are throwing up in a Burger King bag. Food Poisoning from the Brookings, SD Burger King or maybe that food is just naturally so toxic that my body rejected it rather violently. Either way we WON'T be eating there ever again.

A post-weekend highlight came last night as Chris finished his book. Apparently a few people on Facebook thought it was ME writing a book. OMGosh, that is so funny. Clearly they don't read my blog, it would be obvious to them that I'm not a writer. :) Type-os, run-on sentences and boring dialog does not make for an interesting novel. Anyway, Chris is ready for revising and editing. After that we really aren't sure what to do. So far Lesa, Tami, Emma and Thomas have all given very positive feedback. When our basement is packed full of teenage novels instead of boxes of junk we will have a book signing party and you'll all be invited.