Thursday, January 29, 2009

My new look

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I guess this isn't really new...20 + years ago I wore glasses. The fact that I haven't worn them since college must explain the reason I haven't read many books in my married life.

Hopefully I will experience fewer headaches.

Somewhere I have some old pics of glasses in JH and HS...I'll post them if I can find 'em.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tonight we will be heading west. Tomorrow is our friend, Bob's funeral. I ask you all to pray for our safety in travel, the kids are staying home. My other prayer request that is even more important is that the gospel will be shared and that it won't fall on deaf ears. There are so many who don't know the truth of Jesus Christ, tomorrow is a great opportunity to share His love. My assumption is that there will be lots of people at this funeral including many school aged students.

Right now I've gotta get the girls packed to go to Nana's house and hope and pray that I find clean clothes in the closet for Chris and me.

I have some updates but don't have time to share them right now. See you soon.

BTW, Hi Marcy! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life is too short!

Never do I want to pass on a moment that could make the difference in someone's life. This week I was reminded, again that life is a beautiful gift from God and it can end, here on earth in an instant. There is no such thing as wasting time on a person. At the end of my life I know that I will not say, "I wish I wouldn't have cared for him or her" or "I shouldn't have given time to that person, they weren't worth it." However, I may say, "I should have taken more time to show love to those who didn't show me love" or "I should have shared my faith in Jesus Christ with a friend who didn't already live a sold out life to him." Every moment that we live here on earth can be a blessing to those around us (and God) or we can just live for ourselves.

Tuesday a dear friend of ours suffered a massive heart attack and this morning the love of his life had to make the final decision to shut down the life support machines. Oh my goodness, I can't even type those words without tears forming and feeling a deep ache within me. It seems so unfair to have his life ripped from hers. How can a wife or loved one survive that kind of pain? It is true that I have not experienced this kind of loss however I know that our Heavenly Father is waiting for us to seek Him. He wants to be our everything. He offers love, peace, comfort and so much more. Death is not the end, rather the beginning.

Love one another, not just the ones who are easy to love. Share your heart with a friend. You may have known them for 6mos or 6yrs but do they know what (or who) it is inside of you that makes you who you are today? Being a "good" person isn't enough. It's only through faith in Jesus Christ alone that we are saved.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Scrappy Eye-Candy

I've gotta share a new scrappy line with all my scrappy friends. Hurry go check out this blog!

My scrappy mojo must be somewhere lost outside under the snow. I really need to find it. Maybe this site will inspire me to scrap again.

Love the bright colors for spring. BTW, can't wait for spring. ha

What Did I Do Today?

Please tell me that I am not the only person reading this blog who from time to time gets to the end of the day and asks, "What Did I Do Today?" I hate that feeling. Most days it's one thing right after another and seldom I remember what any of them were.
I love lists. Lists make me feel good. You could say they complete me. ha Often I sit down to make a well thought out list and about half of the stuff gets crossed off. Today I had some high priority duties that I knew I would forget and I got all but 2 of them done. I am so proud of myself that I just had to share this list with you. I don't know if I really should have crossed off laundry because it is NEVER done but I did do 5 loads today. No, I didn't have to remind myself to eat peppermint patties, I had to buy them and take them to school. There was a mint patty emergency. As soon I sign off here I'm going to do my Beth Moore study. I can't wait to see what is going on in Chapter 2 of Esther. Tomorrow taping and painting will make my list again. I plan to cross it off by this time on Thursday.
This is by no way a side note, please pray for our friend Bob who is in the GI hospital. Chris will call tomorrow with more details but the last I knew he was not in good condition at all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic For Sure!

It's so cool to see history in the making. The 44th president of the United States of America was sworn in today, what a site to see. I am proud to see our nation over coming cultural barriers. It's safe to say there are ignorant people out there who are upset about our new president just because of the color of his skin. To be honest, that makes me sick to my stomach! I didn't vote for Obama but he is the leader of our great country and I will be praying for him and all those who have his ear. My hope is that everyone out there who knows we serve a powerful God will do the same. What good does it do to complain? I don't want to hear it and neither does anyone else. Buck up and pray!!!

I added a link to the right side of my blog. If you don't agree with this, fine. I don't want to hear a bunch of ugliness in my comments however if you want to know more, go to the FOCA site. Enough said!

Blessings and Hugs to all of you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Times

My parents, brother Rodger and his wife Laura came up this weekend for a little visit. I have to be honest that I wasn't very excited when I found out that Daisy (boy dog) was coming. It turned out great. Daisy is welcome back anytime...the humans too. We really missed having Eric, Karen and Regina with us. Maybe next time. I'm including a few pictures of our family gathering.

Don't even ask me what time this picture was taken. YIKES! The girls were up so late last night and then right as I was shooing them off to bed they wanted hot chocolate. I caved, after all I was drinking very strong coffee so it wasn't like I was heading to bed any time soon. :)
Anyone seen "Flight of the Conchords - Business Time"? It's just too funny...if you are married. I think that youtube started the stupid videos we had to watch well into the middle of the night. Here's Rodger and Chris cracking themselves up at the computer.
Cow racing on the Wii. I think we may have introduced something fun and new that they will "have" to get in the near future. Or possibly it will draw them up here more often. Rodger I admire you in many ways but your wife kicked your behind on Wii...she's my Wii hero!
Being around my family, I always learn something about myself. No matter what we came from or where we find ourselves today, our family had a significant roll in who we are. Some of us promise to be different and some of us choose to build from that foundation. I am choosing to be the best mom that I can be for my girls and the best wife I can be for my husband by relying on God's love, strength and grace.

Happy MLK Day to everyone tomorrow. The girls and I will be entertaining mom and dad until they head home. Poor Chris has to work and then ref a basketball game. That guy works too hard! Anyway, enjoy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Paradise is Coming

This week has been so cold it seems like I can't think about anything else but as we are facing the start of a warming trend I find myself being a little more positive even if it's only 3 degrees outside right now. I know it's going to get better. With that said, wouldn't that be a great way to face our adversities? Know it's going to get better...don't focus on the frozen tundra we live in. Paradise is coming.

I have a few little pictures to share. My sweet Reagan has been blessed with her mother's teeth...not a good thing. The difference is that we are staying on top of it and not going to let it get the best of us. You know cleaning, mouthwash, better toothbrush, as well as less sugar and soda. Anyway, I just had to share this sideways smile of Reagan's. She was in good humor after having 4 filings on Wednesday. They were all small but apparently her cavities go from insignificant to major quickly.

My 3 year old loves the Wii too. Here she is this morning trying to keep warm and yet have a little fun. Ok, really our house isn't all that cold, this is what she wore when we took the girls to school this morning and she just couldn't bring herself to take off those light-up pink boots. :)

Who doesn't LOVE Beth Moore? Well, if you've heard of her, you love her. Her passion for the word of God is overwhelmingly contagious. I love it! Tuesday I started the Esther study at our new church with a group of 90ish women. I am so excited to be at a table with 7 other YOUNG women with children. Oh this is what I have needed, both the study and the friendships.

Thought for today: And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God. (from Hebrews)

Friday, January 9, 2009

What a Day!

The morning started too early...waking before the sun thanks to my youngest darling. By the time I got the other two off to school Liv was not feeling well again so we headed right to the chiropractor. Before we even got to stop #2 I realized we needed to go right home and try to get in to the MD. Hurry up and wait. Call the doc and wait for the call back. Hurry to the doc office and wait in the waiting room. Hurry home and wait for the service man. Hurry to the pharmacist and wait for the prescription. Hurry to school and wait for the girls to walk down the block. Whew, what a day!

Olivia has been battling something off and on since December 27th. About the time I think she is better, she has another bout of something. Poor baby! As many (some or none) of you know, I don't run to the doctor for every sniffle and sneeze. Not even for a fever, usually. Today I had to get Liv in to a doc, the chiropractor just wasn't doing it for us this time. Not once did Liv say her ear hurt but guess what? DOUBLE EAR INFECTION! Ughh!! We saw a new doc and she is AWESOME! I loved our GI pediatrician but Dr Lisa is even better. We have the same philosophy on meds, vaccinations and chiropractors. I didn't know there was a MD out there that would fit our family so perfectly. Right now Liv is running around with her sisters, you'd never know she was a complete meltdown mess at 10am.

So the microwave died on Christmas morning. What a pain. I didn't think I used it much but in fact I do. Our service company came out Friday and then again today and the dumb thing is still not fixed. Hello!!! I think it's time to just replace it. While the guys were here they took a look at the numbers on my dishwasher and told me it's been recalled. Well, that's nice to know since apparently it could burn down the house. Guess we'll be washing dishes BY HAND for the next week or so. I think there's a teachable moment on it's way. Emma and Reagan will soon realize that loading and unloading the dishwasher is great compared to hand washing and drying everything. :) Aw, back to the good old days of fewer conveniences in the kitchen.

Anyone out there with stainless steel appliances? What's your opinion? Are the worth the extra money or should I just stick with black? I'm guessing since my stove and refrigerator are old and GE appliances they'll probably die soon too. Why not switch? Oh life is full of so many decisions.

It's Friday at 4:15pm and the family is all home. Farewell all my blog readers, I'm ready for some quality time with the ones I love.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Doin' It Right!

Living close to Cabela's has truly made the move worth while for Chris. He says that he loves living closer to family but I know it's really the man store just a few miles away. Santa stopped at Cabela's this year and brought a smoker. Yes the biggest wrapped gift "under" the Christmas tree had Chris' name on it but has proven to be a family favorite.
Really, is there anything more attractive than a man in the kitchen? Now all he needs an apron!

Before December 28th, 2008 I thought Rockband was possibly the dumbest purchase a person could make. Then the Williams challenged the Raabes to a night of Rock N Roll. Oh, they didn't know about Chris. What a fun night of singing, banging on drums and good old rockin' out! I now realize that the one with the least musical talent may be the best at Rockband. UGH!!! So frustrating. ha ha
New Years Eve this year was just like the good old days in Grand Island, we had close friends right here with us and the kids all ran wild. Being the smart parent that we are, we turned our clocks ahead 2 hours. What we didn't count on was the fact that our daughters are equally bright and figured out the scam. Never fear, they saw midnight and had a great time no matter what time zone it was in.
Olivia was so excited to have her best boy Ethan coming to our house. "My boy Ethan is my friend and he doesn't hit me." Aww, so cute.
Toasting the New Year. Here's to looking forward to the blessings, challenges and adventures of 2009.

You can't see this all that well but here we are at midnight (ok, really 10pm) doing poppers to bring in the New Year. The kids and the 2 big kids...Rod and Chris.