Saturday, November 28, 2015

60 Shoes

Firsts are the things we remember and often the things we write in a journal, smear all over social media and obviously post in a blog. My most recent first was hosting Thanksgiving. Honestly, I have been waiting for the day that Aunt Helen releases this honor to me. Twenty-two years ago I attended my first Raabe (Ray-bee) Thanksgiving at Lynn and Helen's house on Boyd circle. There are so many memories at that split level house and the HUGE tree out front. Memories: early morning shopping, Grandpa Raabe pretending to call Tom Osborne during the football game, Emma seeing snow for the first time, family pictures in the tree and boys vs girls flag football in the circle, to name a few. Every year since she has hosted and only years that we did not live in Nebraska have we missed. It's something our entire family looks forward to each November. This Thursday started with rain and ended with ice which lead to our guests leaving early but we all managed to eat a lot, laugh, lay around in a food coma and continue to try to figure out the secret behind Grandma Heller's mashed potatoes.

I should have taken more pictures this year, here's what I got.
some of the 30 shoes in attendance
Food Line
Heller Family
Raabes Family
After the crowd left we began our Star Wars Movie marathon, which ended up being only one movie that night. I hit up the internet for some shopping then we all headed to bed. After all, Black Friday no longer is a big shopping day in this house since retail stores have completely ruined it. Friday morning the whole clan meets at Hy-Vee for breakfast and then watch the Huskers. Chris was the only Raabe who braved the 20 degree temps to watch our beloved Nebraska Cornhusker football team loose another game. 

Time to turn the page, the Christmas decorating has begun and Christmas cards should go out in the next couple of days. Thank you K-Love Radio for the Christmas music in my van, I am in my happy place! I don't know if we will have any Christmas time firsts, however you can bet to read about them here if we do. Now to keep my cat out of the Christmas trees. Much love to each person reading this blog!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

We Want You...


The familiar red vested bell ringers are at the store fronts. Grocery stores are buzzing with loaded carts. And "Black Friday" prep is at full speed. If those things don't remind us to pause and be thankful for the multitude of blessings in our lives I don't know what does. Don't get me wrong, I love the many signs of the approaching holiday season. Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas and family gatherings bring me joy however the anticipated winter weather does not. Oh, remind me why we left Arizona!

Next Thursday we will host the Raabe/Heller Thanksgiving. Aunt Helen has hosted this celebration every year since I met Chris in 1994. I think it's a little difficult for her to release it. To be honest, there isn't anyone else willing or able to take on the task which is fine with me. We believe that the blessing of this house is for moments like this. Our home will be busting at the seams with 31 in attendance. My list has been made and check marks are slowly appearing.

-Today Reagan and I started on table decorations. 
-The ham has been purchased.
-I am currently drying the bread for stuffing. 
-Chairs are reupholstered. 

I have some organizing to do in the basement and probably some last minute decorating yet to be determined. Chances are I will make one or two other dishes also, that's just what I do. Regardless of what I get done this week, I can guarantee both food and laughter in abundance. 

What are you thankful for?
(hope to reveal my November list of 30 in a later post)

**thanks Kelli G Photography for the great family pictures.

Sunday, November 1, 2015




Even Bella got dressed up