Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Sunny Sunday!

Look at this pic. Hm, it's June and 80 plus degrees yet what is that white stuff on the ground? Remember that terrible wind storm we had, it brought hail with it. This is just a little that was left over hours later.

Happy Sunday my friends! It's been a great day. This morning we stopped in on a new church. I have a good feeling about this place. It's small which means there's plenty of places for us to volunteer. The music was good, obviously they practice and come prepared. Their mission statement is good. What they call their list of essentials is right along with what we believe the bible says. It will be fun to learn more. In our adult lives Chris and I have been involved in two churches. There were positives and negatives at both CCV and TCCC, we'll draw on those experiences and pray that God leads us where He needs us to be. I am so ready to get plugged in somewhere. The girls enjoyed their classes too. They are coming from a church with a top notch children's program (thanks Lora) so I was happy to hear their satisfaction.

It's off to watch fireworks with ext. fam. tonight assuming the weather doesn't get all crazy again.

Happy Birthday to Michelle.

Friday, June 27, 2008

This and That

Remind me why Reagan wanted to quit gymnastics 2 years ago. She's such a natural!
Finally some scrapping again. Oh how I have missed my bazzill CS, white gel pens, glue dots and alphas. The house isn't put all together but some of my scrappy supplies are out and so happy to see me. :0

sorry these aren't with it this time.

It's hard being this cute! but don't let it fool you and I am going to give my parents gray hair. :) The girls had so much fun at Aunt Angie and Uncle John's wedding. Olivia was the last one on the dance floor but by the time we got to the hotel everyone was sound asleep.
Today was the last day of a 2 weeks session of swim lessons for both Emma and Reagan. They both learned so much and did a great job!
This afternoon we just missed another serious weather event. About 4:30 the girls and I decided to go for a bike ride around the lake. We got about 15 minutes from the house when the tornado sirens began to sound. It was a little stressful, trying to urge the girls to hurry home and yet keeping them calm. We got home just as the terrible rain and wind began. There are houses with broken windows, missing roofs, and no power. We have none of the above and plan to go watch fireworks somewhere downtown. All is good.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Phone numbers

Hey, just a quick note. Chris and I have new phone numbers. If you didn't get an email from one of us just send me an email and I'll call you or email the number back to you.

I would love to say more but I've gotta run.

House is getting better.
No storms for 2 days! YEA!!
We're about to get our cable and internet!
Olivia is still trying to potty train.
Life is pretty good.
We haven't found a church yet but still shopping.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wuv, Twoo Wuv... what bwings us togedda

I hope you can see these pictures. I may haveto go back later and change the size of these pics. Below you will find Angie and John, married on May 31st. Each wedding that I attend takes me right back to the day Chris and I made that same commitment. I always cry during the vows and want to renew the vows we made. I'm such a sappy dope. You know, you don't have to agree! :) John, we are so happy to have you join our family. It's my prayer that you will feel welcome and loved. Take good care of our sister. There was a "no clink" rule during the reception. In order to make the bride and groom kiss you had to stand and sing a song about love. What a riot! You may be asking yourself, "did anyone actually do that?" Standing infront of a bunch of people and singing (usually off key) is not something that scares off anyone in this family. Below you'll find Chris and his cousin singing "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You." That was shortly after all the cousins sang "Love Shack" and the little kids sang the "Barney Song". It was a great party!

The carpet should be done in 2 hours. I have all the clothes packed and ready to move out of the inlaws house and into mine!!!
I'm so excited
I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control
And I think I like it.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

Last May my family got together for the first time since my oldest brother's wedding in 1997 (I think). We had a great time and even managed to get some pictures taken of everyone. I am so proud of my brothers for not wanting to strangle me. Here's the end result. It only took 12 months to get these pics from my sister's camera to my hand. :) Thanks Laura for taking the pics and putting them on disks for eveyone. You are the best! This is one for the record books too. A picture of my immediate family. Really, it almost brings tears to my eyes. I love you guys and pray for each one of you EVERYday.

Just this past weekend was a wedding weekend in KC. I will soon have pics from Angie's wedding. What a beautiful bride...the groom was a close 2nd. haha

Just a positive note on the house situation. Hard flooring is IN and the carpet is being pulled out as we speak. YEE HAW!!!