Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pure Evil

The whole marketing scheme is brilliant!! Send the sweetest little girls around to friends and family asking you to help them earn a badge by purchasing these YUMMY cookies. Really, who is going to say no? Again, this year I got sucked in to their sales tactics and now I have 5 boxes of cookies just waiting to be eaten. Luckily, I don't like 2 of them. ha

If you haven't bought any of these evil cookies be sure to stay away from WalMart, HyVee and stores of the like. Those sweet little girls with big beautiful eyes will be sitting at the door just waiting for you to endulge.

Consider yourself warned!

Need I post a verse about self control??? Maybe only for myself.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Creating Cards

Another Artist

When the television and computer are off limits, the creative juices start to flow. Emma created this fantastic piece of art to hang in her bedroom. She says it need something else added to it but the idea hasn't come to her yet. I'm sure it will.

Friday, February 20, 2009

She's Coming... HERE!!!

Is it ok to want to be a groupie? Natalie Grant is coming here in April and I just don't think it's going to work out for me to go see her. I know that sounds like a long time away but it will sneak up on us quickly.

Just in case I get a surprise from the concert fairy :) I'm keeping the date open. ha ha

Ok, now I think I'm done blogging for the day.

It's SOOO Simple

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

~ Romans 10:9, NLT

Nothing more, nothing less. Why risk eternity when it's this easy.

In The Groove

It feels so good to scrapbook again. There's just something about getting into that groove and having something to show for it. Here are four of the seven layouts I did a few days ago. Now it's time to do a few more.

Thanksgiving, Halloween, Great Grandma...this one is my fav and a client layout however it could be mine since the faces are hidden. ha

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monkey Business

Is this monkey just the cutest thing ever? Kristi was so cute thanking me and praising me with my paint job both on the walls and the monkey.

Maybe now I will be inspired to paint Olivia's crown. Every princess needs a giant crown. :)

Gotta give credit to Sandy Wilkie, she cut out this giant monkey head.

Thought for the day:
You were wonderfully and fearfully created. You and everything about you was/is not a mistake. Recognize the good in you and celebrate it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celebrating 10 Years

2 cakes for 2 parties
My attempt at a trendy cake... so fun!
Skating at the local crazy rink and then pizza, cake and presents at our house

friend party

family party
We are so blessed to have so much family right here around us.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

All Dried Up

Where has my creativity gone? I managed to squeeze out this layout of myself and 3 older generations for my BoM (book of me). Honestly, if I would just clean up my scrapbooking area I just might find my scrappy mojo again. :)
Recent creative jobs:
I finished painting my bedroom yesterday.
I painted most of Emma's room yesterday and today. Just the creative stuff is left
I have photos from 2 clients in my scrappy space inbox.
Next weekend I'm getting more pictures from a 3rd client
Next Thursday I will be painting for a friend in GI.
And I still need to make (or help make) valentines for the girls VD parties on Wednesday.
Geesh, no wonder I haven't had time to scrap for myself. :) No complaining, I love every minute of it.

Have you thought of any random acts of kindness lately? Be nice to a stranger, never know it may be the neighbor you haven't met.

Proud Mama

As their Papa would say, "my grandchildren are talented and gifted." Today was parent-teacher conferences and the unveiling of another report card. Both of the girls are exceeding our expectations in school both academically and socially. It's important to us that our children do their best in school however grades aren't everything. The child that is well behaved will be successful.

Just a toot for Emma and Reagan. Way to Go Girls!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10 Glorious Years

Why would my body be aching? It couldn't be that I'm getting older. ??? I do have 3 legit reasons. #1 Could it be the 6-8 hours of painting I did today? #2 Or could be the lack of sleep I had last night. Olivia was up most of the night throwing up. It brought back not-so-fond memories of the first 21 mos of her life. Culprit #3, "sleeping" on a terrible twin bed with a sick toddler. Trying to stay positive here, I did get 3 loads of laundry done last night and in the wee hours of the morning. :) Whatever it takes to get me motivated I guess. ha ha

Yes, I may be getting older but I'm not the only one in the house who is aging! Happy Birthday to my dear sweet Emma. Typically birthday's are a huge deal in this house. It starts before the girls are awake and ends several days later. It's just one of my "things"! Poor Emma got raisin toast and scrambled eggs this morning and that's it. No candle, no muffin, no balloons. And on top of that today was the 2nd day of testing at her school. Wow, that stinks! This weekend will be all party. Thank goodness there's only one sleeping over on Saturday night.

Everyone will be home from church and basketball practice in the next 10 minutes. So off I go to tidy up the house and get ready for another full day tomorrow.