Monday, December 17, 2012

Contest Ideas

Have I mentioned that my husband wrote a book, actually two books?


Ok, now that I think about it, I might have mentioned it before. (wink wink) We need some ideas for a contest. The official release date for ON THE RUN is January 15, 2013. I can't believe it but that date is just around the corner. In conjunction with the release we want to run some contests and give away some copies of the new book. You read that right, we want to GIVE AWAY a few copies. Our big dilemma is, how are we going to do that? This is where you come in.
*You can email me at
*You can leave me a message on this post.
*You can leave a message on Chris' book page
*If you have my phone number call or text me.

If you live in Omaha or the surrounding area, I want to remind you that there is a book signing at Brewsky's (156th & Q St) tomorrow, Tuesday, December 18th from 5:30-7:30 pm. We will have lots of books available for purchase and the author will have his pen in hand read to personalize your book. We look forward to seeing you.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Room for Pictures


A few months ago my friend Vicki told me about her Google account being full of I am experiencing the same problem.  I have so many things I want to share with you and I can't. So, now I have to figure out what to do.

Since my last post we have had Reagan's birthday party even though her birth fell in September, Olivia's birthday celebration, Emma's vocal concert, decorating the Christmas tree and numerous other important events. Pictures to come later.

When I have more time to dive into this picture deal I will.  Until then I'm open to any suggestions out there.


Totally different topic...
Today I had the privilege of sharing a huge challenge with a friend and then later talking on the phone with a family member in another difficult situation. I am not a person who is well equipped linguistically but from time to time God pours into me the words that others need to hear from Him.  Honestly, I am shocked when I say something profound and then I realize that was not from me, it was from God.  Shortly after these conversations I read a quote from Joyce Meyers. This is good and we all need to be reminded of God's authority over our struggles.

"Even if something happens that you don't like, you are more than a conqueror in Christ!"

What a rich reminder!

Blessings to you and your family. There are so many who could benefit from your prayers, time and financial support.  Look for opportunities to pour into someone else's life. They will be blessed and you will also.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanks Thank you Thankful

Day 21: I am THANKFUL for a beautiful relaxed day of travel with my family. Thank you MPS for a day off of school.
This year our school district changed a few things on the school calendar. One of them was giving the teachers and students the day before Thanksgiving off. Typically the week of conferences teachers get Friday off to compensate for all the long days and nights they put in. This year they taught on Friday but got November 21st off. That was a hard week for my hubby but we really enjoyed having an extra long Thanksgiving break.

DAY 22: I am THANKFUL for my niece being born this day 17 yrs ago and great friends to be with on this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving
It blows me away that my beautiful niece is getting so old so fast. Soon she will be out on her own going to college and her parents will wonder where the years went. I wonder if we can talk her into coming to school in Nebraska. Ha, I'm sure my brother would FREAK if she even mentioned it. Now KU would be a strong possibility.

Thanksgiving day we changed things up a bit. Instead of hanging out with the Raabe/Heller clan in town we drove down to Topeka, KS to see our friends the Kesslers. The weather was perfect and our girls had a fantastic time with their girls. 
Outside in the beautiful weather with the bows and arrows.

DAY 23: I am THANKFUL for family movie time.
My favorite Christmas movies are Christmas Vacation and It's a Wonderful Life. One is a little more wholesome than the other.

DAY 25: I am THANKFUL for friends who "pop-in" for a visit.
Stopping in to visit friends is a lost art. I love "popping-in" as well as being "popped-in" on. You are all welcome to stop my any time.

Holy's snowing! 
DAY 26: I am THANKFUL for the changing if seasons but if I'm honest, not snow and cold.
The snow came quickly and disappeared just as quickly...PRAISE THE LORD! Since then we have gotten back to some very nice weather.

DAY 27: I am THANKFUL for our CCC journey group. Love you guys!
Chris and I have been a part of a small group/couples bible study/journey group/life group for the last 14-15 years. We have met some our closest friends in those groups. Spiritual growth can be difficult and even stagnant at times. It is important to have people in your life who will hold you accountable and still love you through the highs and lows of life.

DAY 28: Hmm, missed this day. Surely I was grateful for something...
How about having the time to volunteer at the girls' schools. Today I was at both the elementary and middle schools.

DAY 29: I am THANKFUL for online coupons. I get such a thrill out of saving money.
Today I walked into Hobby Lobby armed with my iPhone, pulled up my 40% off coupon and walked out with a great deal. Tonight Chris and I ate out and had our coupon right there with us.  Love it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful for Days 14-20

DAY 14: I am THANKFUL for WiFi at the orthodontist office so I can work while waiting on kiddos.

DAY 15: I am so THANKFUL!! What more can I pedicures.

DAY 16: I am THANKFUL for my friends who listen to me, support me and even call me out when needed. This was the evening I had a friend date with Susan Snyder...PF Changs, 007 movie and then a stop at the Cheesecake Factory. However, she isn't the only friend I have who I can trust. You know who you are, thank you!

DAY 17: I am THANKFUL for tickets to watch Husker Football in Memorial Stadium on a beautiful fall day in November with my handsome hubby!

DAY 18: I am THANKFUL for quiet time with God. My day runs so much better when I put God first instead of my own agenda.

DAY 19: I am THANKFUL for grace. Chris and I have trudged through some very difficult months recently. Because God has freely given grace when we didn't deserve it, we have learned that we also need to extend grace to others. Our marriage is back on track but only by the grace of God.

DAY 20: I am THANKFUL for the support of our family and friends. Launching a second book when the first one is causing us so much grief takes guts.  However so many people have encouraged us to press on. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our street release of On The Run: The Phenomeneon Trilogy and those of you who were there in spirit.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Launch for On The Run

Oh my word! I am so behind on gratitude posting. Don't let that you think for one minute I don't have enough  gratitude in my life to talk about. Even through the rocky times I know the love and grace of God will carry me to the other side.

Last night was the Street Release for Chris' most recent book: On The Run: The Phenomenon Trilogy. The night was a huge success and we look forward to sharing this book with the rest of the world. I have included LOTS of photos of friends and family members who were able to come out and celebrate with us. Sorry I don't have photos of everyone.
The Author and Beautiful Daughters
Now That's a BIG cake!
The Heller/Birge Family
Always so supportive!
Klint is adamant that he wants only 1 book!
Lisa Pelto from Concierge Marketing, on hand for help
Jerry, Barb and Mark
Jennifer, Lorraine and Tiffiny in the back
Aw, the Little Clan
Mark and Chris are so proud of their hairy faces for NoShaveNovember
Working hard!
I love My Man! So Proud!
Emmy was so excited to get her book!
Reagan and her buddies
The Seatons
DeLay family...some of our fav people
Sydney is ready to bust into that book
Chris and His Proud Mama
Yay The Felkers
Katie, don't spoil the twists and turns of book #2 with your class
Olivia's clan 
The Snyders
We have lots of books and they are only available through us until January 15, 2013 when we have the official release.  At that time the book with be in stores and on-line as a paperback and ebook. You can contact me at if you are interested in purchasing book 1 The New Phenomenon for $16 plus shipping or book 2 On The Run for $13.86 plus shipping.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanks Concierge Marketing

DAY 13: I am THANKFUL for our friends at Concierge Marketing. They are making it happen! We are on the verge of our street release for On The Run, book two of The Phenomenon Trilogy. You won't find this book in bookstores until January 15, 2013 but you can come to one of our signings to receive your early released book.  Yep, you can read it, review it and be in the know two months before the rest of the world. We are so excited to share this new book with all of Chris' readers and it is happening all because we have found great leadership at Concierge Marketing. Our first publisher did their best but it just wasn't good enough. Lunker Productions is taking us to the next level.

We are excited to announce the street launch of On The Run, the second book of The Phenomenon Trilogy by Chris Raabe.

You are invited to join us at 
Fernando's Cantina
380 N 114th St (southwest corner of 114th and Dodge) 
Omaha, NE  68154 

Monday, November 19, 2012
6:00 - 8:30 pm

Get your signed copy of ON THE RUN before it is released to the rest of the world. We will have light snacks, but you are welcome to bring your family for dinner, kids eat free on Mondays at Fernando's.

This is something to be THANKFUL for!

Monday, November 12, 2012

That is Something to be THANKFUL for

DAY 9: I am THANKFUL for beautiful weather in November 
Friday the 9th of November Chris and I had a date night with the Kerkmans at the Millard South vs Millard North State payoff game. Great company made for a very enjoyable evening. The weather was AMAZING. For some of you reading this blog, you have no idea what a joyful day it is in November when you can stand outside in a sweatshirt and jeans and feel comfortable. That is something to be thankful for.

DAY 10: I am THANKFUL for a Big Red win today. We love watching and supporting the HUSKERS!

We love sports. Chris and I both grew up playing a variety of sports which ended up paying for our college, so yes playing ball in the back yard can pay off. I am a transplant to Nebraska but after being introduced to the "Cult" of Husker Football back in 1989 I was hooked! Still today we enjoy the game and make it to as many games as possible in the fall. Our only game this season will be next weekend on the 17th. This week we watched the Huskers come from behind, AGAIN, to beat Penn State.
That is something to be thankful for. 

DAY11: I am THANKFUL for my incredibly handsome husband Chris who turns 39 today. Happy birthday I love you so much!
We have had a great weekend of celebrating Chris' birthday.
-date night
-dinner with the girls at a great burger place STELLA'S...YUMMY!!!
-movie night with the family
-church and then lunch with the parental units
-the girls and I made a baseball cake with the best ever frosting
-Chris did a movie marathon with some guy friends on Sunday afternoon/evening.
My husband is a real gift from God...That is something to be thankful for.

DAY 12: I am THANKFUL for people in my life who have my back. aka Jeff Palzer
Today has been a little stressful...junk coming at me from several directions. However knowing there is someone who "has your back" and can do something on your behalf is a huge blessing. This guy, Jeff, happens to be my attorney and yes I have to pay him to have my back but he knows people who know people and they get things done. We aren't out of the woods but that is still something to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grateful for Family

I am THANKFUL for that cute baseball player I met 19 years ago. Through years of dating we became best friends and vowed to love one another until death do us part...the best decision of my life. Our life together is not perfect but with Christ as our cornerstone we can do all things.

(11.4) I am THANKFUL for the 3 blond haired blessings God sent from heaven to our family. Each little girl created in our maker's image with our DNA and yet such individuals. I love each of you dearly!

This month's series of posts will be so good for me. I am so blessed, I wish I would never lose sight of that fact!

 I am THANKFUL for family. The people who I spent my formative years with have helped shape me into the person I am today. I am also so thankful for Chris' family.  He was raised in a very loving, supportive family which has helped him become the strong Christian family man he is today.

(11.6) I am THANKFUL to live in a country of freedoms, many that we typically take for granted. I voted today while most people in this world do not have that right.

ADDITION: I am not especially pleased with the results of the presidential election however this country is not a dictatorship, it takes more than one person to make the United States function. I will pray for President Obama, his advisors and our legislature. The sun came up this morning and God is still in control. I will not lose faith in God's ability to work through any elected official!

(11.7) I am THANKFUL for the life and love of my Aunt Delma. We did not always agree but she encouraged me to research, form an opinion and stand for what I believe in. Aunt Delma believed in me and was interested in me and my family. Today there are so many things I wish I could share with Aunt Delma. The last year of her life was difficult for both of us and yet I know she was happy to be close to people who loved her and wanted to care for her. It was an honor and pleasure to be with her in the last moments of her life on Earth. I miss Aunt Delma but know I will see her again in heaven.

(11.8) I am THANKFUL for a coffee pot that turns on automatically, oh the joy of walking downstairs to the aroma of brewing coffee. Sometimes it's the small things in life!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Remembering the abundance of blessings we have around us at any given moment is important otherwise it is easy to slip into an attitude full of sour pour.  Yes, I just made that up but it makes sense to me. My sour attitude can take over and blind me to all the become a powerful negative force in my life. With that said, I want to list some of my many blessings this month.  Ideally I will post a new one everyday but seeing how I forgot to start this yesterday, I'm already doubling up on today's post.  Last year I believe I made it through half the month, not sure why I stopped.  My challenge this year is to complete the month of November.

I am THANKFUL for a loving, all powerful and righteous Creator.
He loves me so much that He created Earth with all the beauty and details that only God himself could dream up. He loves me so much that He created this life with a sense of purpose for every living thing. He loves me so much that He created me with a free will to choose my own way yet an understanding that there will be consequences and rewards for my choices.

I am THANKFUL for a beautiful fall day in the 50's with sunshine. Last year on November 2nd Omaha had snow. I do not take mild temps for granted, ever! I am not a fan of snow, yet I am grateful for the changing seasons so with 3 great seasons we have to have one not-so-great season, winter.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween with the Raabes

 Ewww!  The Pumpkin Goo!

 Every year since my oldest was around 4 we have been getting together with our bible study friends for dinner and then trick or treating. It's fun for the kids and for the parents. This picture represents 8 families.

 My girls.
Emma and her friend Kaylee didn't get to "trick or treat" but they did get to walk around with all the little kids and their payment was in the the form of chocolate. What great kids we have!

 Great job girls coming up with a cute, easy and cheap costume.
I like the homemade costumes so much better anyway!
Reagan and her good buddy Gabby

 Second year in a row that Olivia wanted to be a jaguar. 

post trick or treat veg-out

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

So ready to make an improvement to this shower
I am so excited about our most recent home project. This house has given us plenty to do over the last five years. Too bad we aren't the fix-it-yourself kind of people. We try on some of the easier jobs but this bathroom requires a professional.
The good news: the shower is out and work has begun.
The BAD news: a previous owner did some not-so-great renovations in the bathroom and didn't do it right.
#1 the moisture barrier was cut out. 
#2 the drain pipe was cut too short 
#3 there were boards and pipes just hanging loose behind the shower walls 
#4 Jerry has to stop working at 2pm so he can find get new parts.

this pipe is WAY too short

Since we want this project done right we elected to pull up the existing floor instead of putting the tile over the nasty, ugly stick-on tiles.
This is what Jerry found...
 MOLD!!  YUCK!!!
Again, this is the result of a fix it yourself job done before we moved in to this house. Guess what? Jerry had to take the rest of the day off after he took care of the mold. More wasted time.

Oh My my contractor going to ever work a full day?

On day 3 Jerry began working on the installation of the shower faucet. I was excited to find great looking hardware at in the finish I wanted for a good price. Our problem for today is the missing valve for the Kohler Shower Hardware. OH MY GOSH!!! Partially this is my fault because when it arrived I opened it but didn't really know what I was looking at, got distracted by kids coming home from school and then didn't look at it again until Jerry called me with the bad news. I called Overstock at 1:00pm to see what could be done. That place is so large, they told me it would take 2 days just to talk to the parts people. I called again at 7:00pm, to see where they had gotten with my issue. I think that was the red flag for them, I was not going to give up. Truly, I wanted to yell at them and be a jerk but they were so helpful. Because I'm the kind of girl who takes matters into my own hands, and because we couldn't get our shower tile on the walls until the hardware was installed I started looking for the part here in Omaha.  Briggs Plumbing was also a breath of fresh air.  They gave me a great price for the valve even though I had not purchased product with them.  Thank you Briggs!! For the 4th time in 20 hours I was on the phone with Again, great customer service. They refunded me $100 even though I had paid only $75 to Briggs. I should have asked for more but I was just so happy to get my contractor back to work.

Jerry already had another job to do so my bathroom sat as is for one more day.

Work resumed...
The shower valve is in, the cement board is up, the floor pan is in and the cement is in the floor of the shower waiting for my pebbles.


At this point, I have kind of lost track of what happened what day because there was a weekend in there. I am pretty sure this was Monday before I left for my Jamaican Birthday Get-Away

It is finished...oh wait. We had a little problem with a dip in the floor but again awesome customer service from my contractor, he came over to fix it. That's the gray spot by the drain. 

Everyone loves the shower, the girls are even more willing to take a shower now. It feels bigger, I love my new shower!! Thanks Jerry Christensen, you do awesome work!

Here's the final work I need to lighting, new mirror frame, paint and new countertop. The counter top is going to come last because we were going to save money by not doing it. We see now that it "needs" to be done. Good thing is, I can shop around for good deals and possibly find a remnant of granite.