Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taking ON THE RUN to the Schools

After taking some time off from the book for a number of reasons, this week Chris and I have been connecting with several local schools in hopes to get THE PHENOMENON SERIES in the hands of students. People young and old are eating this series up, now to figure out how to get it to the masses.

We are looking for reviews to be posted.  If you have read The New Phenomenon or On The Run please take a few moments to write a review (it can be just a couple sentences). Places to post review include but are not limited to... (print and ebook)
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Thank you to everyone who has read our books. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Busy Signal

It's been a month...oh what a month it has been. I didn't realize God had such an important message for me. Apparently, He has been trying to reach me and my line has been busy. Wow, that takes me back to memories of trying to call someone on a rotary phone and the sound through the receiver was an annoying intermittent buzzing telling me they were either on the phone or someone in the house accidentally left the receiver off the hook. That was frustrating as a teenager when I had THE MOST IMPORTANT INFO EVER to tell my BFF. Sometimes I was so desperate I went to extraordinary lengths to talk to them. I am pretty sure that is how God has felt with me lately.

Music has been very important part of my life as long a I can remember. My mother is an excellent musician, I grew up listening to her sing and play the piano, teach piano and voice lessons in our home and lead all kinds of music in church. I played the piano, violin and flute growing up and sang in every possible choir. However, it wasn't until I became acquainted with christian contemporary music in college that I developed a new love. Until then I didn't realize there was a powerful message packed into songs. Other than Christian music, I still listen to country and sometimes pop artists but I have found dangerous messages lurking in the lyrics. We have to protect our minds. Recently Chris and I have found healing "powers" in song. I sit back and wonder if my house has been bugged, the lyrics are speaking directly to me in the midst of my trials.

Mandisa's "Stronger"
Brandon Heath's "Jesus In Disguise"
Third Day's "I Need A Prayer"

Chris is the perfect man for me and I love him dearly but my relationship with Christ is more important. God loves me more. Looking for fulfillment in a man is foolish, only Christ Jesus can meet my every need. Although I experienced a depth of pain that I would not wish on my worst enemy, I am also grateful that God allowed me to "go there" in order to restore a full relationship with a loving, all knowing and powerful Creator.

If you find yourself in a tough spot and there is nothing you can do about it may I suggest you drop to your knees and allow God to break through that busy signal of your crazy life. He has a message of freedom, grace and love especially for you. He doesn't care who you are or what you have done, He loves you just the way you are. The rest of that thought is this...He loves you just as you are but cares too much to leave you where you are. He wants so much more for us.