Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New House Timeline

It has been fun the last 6-7 months to watch this house building process. Usually once a week after picking up the girls from school we drive by "our dirt." The waiting has been challenging for all. Each of us have had our less than pleasant moments but I do want to say that our girls have done a great job adapting to different living environments. Thank you girls for remembering there is an end in sight. Now that we have only a few days left I am about to go out of my mind.  I want to move in NOW!!! (3 yr old tantrum right there)

I have a series of pictures below with dates. We have hit several holidays and milestones during this process...
School started
All 5 of us celebrated birthdays (Chris turned 40)
New Years
Presidents Day...that's a big one right?
But we will be in before St Patty's Day. I might even want a green beer. Wait, no I won't. HA

We signed the builders contract on August 1st, one day before we had to vacate our home.
An interesting sidenote: the new home owners on 162nd Ave already have the house on the market. I hope everything is okay, probably just a job transfer. I wish them well.
October 11, 2013- digging began
Digging the Hole 10/15/13
October 18, 2013- Poured the footings
Basement Walls then wait 30 days 10/23/13
November 11, 2013-Garage floor poured and pipes in basement
November 16, 2013- Driveway, sidewalk and basement floors poured
Liv on the backside of the house
November 19, 2013- The wood arrives
Wood Dropped, now 90 days from completion
November 26, 2013- Opa makes a visit to the building site
Opa and Olivia on the main floor
December 2, 2013- we sneak in for a photo without the roof (can you tell it's unseasonably warm)
upstairs close to the laundry room
December 6, 2013

December 8, 2013- Windows installed
December 10, 2013
Backside of the house
Nothing significant, I just think this is cute.
December 14, 2013- We write scriptures and prayers on the floors and wood beams of our walls.
John 3:16

Isaiah 40:31
Romans 12:21
Our Happy Family
Writing scriptures on the walls of a building has nothing to do with magic, instead it has everything to do with the foundations of our new home being built on the Word of God and His promises. We will use this house to honor and glorify our Lord, Jesus Christ. We laughed as we froze our fingers trying to write on rough wood. I wanted to have something in every room of the house. There really isn't much in the bible about laundry so I may have taken that scripture out of context. :)

December 19, 2013- Siding & Garage Doors went on
December 28, 2013- I walked around the inside of the house video taping the walls so we would know what was under the dry wall, where pipes and wiring were.
First week of January- Drywall and mudding
January 10, 2014- Back deck was completed
January 14, 2014- Interior Doors and trim was installed
January 22, 2014- Cabinets through out the house were installed and exterior lighting
kitchen cabinets
January 31, 2014- Tile and hardwood installed
February 4, 2014- Counter tops installed & fireplace stone completed (love both of these!!)
February 11, 2014- Carpet guy came back to finish the install
February sometime the door was painted. The house will be painted when the weather warms up.
Oh I have a brown door...I like it!
February, 17, 2014- A pre-walk through with the agent.
They approve
All that's left now is a few appliances and a some touch ups.  
February 24, 2014- Official Walk-thru
February 26, 2014- We close (hopefully)
March 8, 2014- is our official BIG move in date. Aunt Helen is making food for the movers, so it will be yummy. If you are reading this you are invited to come help. (Vicki, I know you won't make it.)

There are several things that we want to do to the house in the next year. I will give you before and after photos as they are completed.
-painting, upgrading light fixtures & ceiling fans, seal the deck, landscaping, finishing the basement, more stone on the house and new front porch posts. Chris says "we'll see."  Oh yes we will.  ha

Monday, February 17, 2014

You Had Me At Bacon

My daughter is obsessed with bacon. It started with wanting to eat more than her fair share at breakfast. Then she began asking for it as a side to some odd combinations. The next thing I knew someone from church brought a pound of bacon to TO CHURCH for her. It's not an illness but we are keeping close tabs on the situation.
Recently our eldest celebrated her birthday with 3 dear sweet friends.[i love these girls] As you may guess there was a theme:
Among other things, Emma received a BACON T-SHIRT and a POUND OF BACON. Very comical!

The beautiful baby girl who took so long to get here (2 weeks overdue and 18 hours of labor) is now a beautiful young lady who still does things in her own time frame. I remember thinking the days with little ones running all over and making messes were long but I do see that they years were short. I enjoy my girls and thank God for the creativity he used in making each masterpiece. Don't try to be something you think the world wants you to be. You are just as God intended! Oh how I love you Emma.