Wednesday, October 7, 2015

One Step Closer

Today Chris went back into the OR with Dr Ian Crabb. It sure is crazy how much time it requires to do a 15 minute procedure. On the way to the Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital, we were prepared to hang out for about the next 5 hours. As it turned out, Chris' recovery was quicker than we thought and we were out of there in 4 hours. Yay team Chris!

The procedure today was the removal of the pins holding Chris' wrist bones in place. Chris wanted to keep them but they were thrown away...only a middle school teacher would want that. Next Wednesday he will go back to have the stitches removed, another x-ray and hopefully a big pat on the back. We continue to pray that Chris' finger and hand mobility returns. Right now his thumb isn't moving much, so that's a prayer request. As swelling decreases and movement increases I believe we are going to see good things.

A funny little side story: Chris woke up in recovery and there he sat next to one of his previous MSHS softball players. She plays collegiate ball now and broke her leg Sunday while running the bases. Poor kid! She will recover but what a tough situation.

Chris has refused to take the same pain meds that caused him to go through withdrawals back in early August. I do have him on some ibuprofen, but that's it. Does he have the pain tolerance of superman or is he just a glutton for punishment? I say he's a close relative to superman. :)

My handsome hubby is one step closer to returning to normal. Well, whatever his new normal will be. I thank God for His healing touch. I thank Dr. Ian Crabb for his God given talent to cut people open and put them back together again. I thank Young Living for their outstanding supplements that promote healing. I thank our friends and family for praying for Chris.

Be nice to someone today who may not deserve it, they certainly need it!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Under the Knife

Q: What does it take for a man to go to the doctor?
A: Lots of pain for months with no end in sight

On a November afternoon during middle school boys basketball practice my handsome husband injured his wrist throwing a baseball style pass to demonstrate why it's not the best pass to use. It turns out, it was a terrible pass. At that very moment Chris encountered a scapholunate ligament tear which does not go away or heal itself with any amount of ice, rest or adjustments. Let's just say, of all the ligaments he could rupture, this is the most difficult to repair. Urgent care was no help at all, in fact they delayed the healing process with bad information. Our first surgeon gave us a terrible possible outcome so we started to search for more qualified hand surgeons. As luck would have it, there are about 130 procedures for this injury and none of them are great. After many months of pain and frustrating rescheduled appointments, on July 30th, 2015 Dr Crabb spent 2 hours trying to put Chris back together again. Apparently our goal is ten years of pain-free moment. It sounds like eventually the bones will have to be fused. In the meantime, we are doing everything we can to promote bone, ligament and muscle healing and praying for God to supernaturally heal Chris.
Surgery July 30
CAST #1 August 7
CAST #2 September 4
NO MORE CASTS! October 1
This is Chris' happy face! 
What a relief it to be out of the hard nasty casts. The doctor said he has healed much quicker than expected, Chris was suppose to be in a cast for another month. God, BLM (bone, ligament, muscle supplement) and great care from a wonderful wife have all aided in his quick healing.
The next step is removal of the pins. Please join me in praying for this guy as he goes back into surgery for the 5 minute procedure which apparently takes 2 hours.

God is Good!