Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blast From The Past

I found this draft from August 2008...the year we moved to Omaha.  I must have been too busy working on the house to realize I started this but never finished it.  That summer we wanted to get the girls involved in something right away and we found a christian musical, The American Ideal at Back Stage Dance in NW Omaha.

I can hardly believe how much my girls have changed in the last 4 years.

taken last winter

Emma signing and doing her dance steps

Reagan didn't have to dance too much but she sang and did cartwheels all the way across the stage.

Fast forward to 2012
Reagan and Olivia are about the ages of Emma and Reagan in the first picture. You wouldn't catch Reagan in a musical if her life depended on it but she still does a pretty good cartwheel. Emma on the other hand was born to be on stage.  She loves to sing and dance but I don't expect to see her doing any cartwheels in public.

God, You graced us with three completely unique daughters. Thank you for the blessing of these girls in our lives. We cherish and love them.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Husker Soccer Camp

Just a little light packing?
Good grief girls, I hope you brought enough stuff.

Reags and 3 of her EGA Soccer teammates
These girls just got checked in, new t-shirts, new soccer balls and can't wait for their mamas to stop taking pictures and get off campus.  I know Reagan will be fine however that doesn't stop me from having a hard time leaving my baby at the University dorms.

 Rooms unpacked...cleats on...ready for session #1

 Bay and Reags
I have no idea what this is all about!

I'm not sure that Reagan is aware how cool it is to be playing soccer on the University fields with UNL players and coaches. This opportunity is not something I got to do as a young girl. While you learn new skills and grow your knowledge of the game be sure to have a blast...and drink lots of water.

Reagan, work hard, listen and give it your all for the next 5 days. I hope you text me every day with a brief report and don't forget to ice your knee. In the meantime, I will be praying for you and your team.  
I love you bunches!  Mom

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Running from Place to Place

I guess I forgot to post this so when it says "this weekend" it really means the 3rd weekend in June

I love watching our daughters participate in their activities.  There have been some pretty boring events but "at the end of the day" my heart is filled with joy as I watch these 3 girls do the things they love so much.

This weekend Chris and I had 4 different places to be so it was necessary to call in the the big dogs...grandparents.  Papa and Nana not only enjoying watching their granddaughters but are willing to help us out when we are in a tight spot.  Thank you so much!!!
Our 1st commitment of the weekend...Em played softball on Saturday and Sunday in Omaha, Chris and I missed both games but not only were Papa and Nana able to make the Sat game so were Opa and Oma.  What a treat. This weekend the Cats went 1-1.  Em had nothing to hang her head about, she walked, had some good hits and played well at short stop. Missing activities is so hard. Em, we are proud of you!
ready for BP
good eye Em! Never mind, you aren't even looking at the ball.  ha ha
 The 2nd place we needed to be was in Norfolk at Reagan's soccer tourney.  This was our last set of games together as Toro Fusion.  The club has fallen apart so when our coach decided to go to Elite, most of us made the choice to follow him.  (Try-outs are this week)  I hope the only thing that changes about our team is the color of our uniforms.  Love these girls and their parents.
keeping cool in the shade before the Championship game.
Reags taking a PK...if I remember correctly she made it right in the corner.
1. Saturday morning after a rain delay we beat a 12 year old team from NW Iowa
2. Sat afternoon we tied a Norfolk 11 yr old team in a poorly played game.
3. Sunday morning we dominated Columbus' tournament team which was sweet after the way they beat us in Lincoln 2 weeks ago.
4. Sunday at 5pm we headed into the championship game playing Columbus AGAIN!  They came for blood.  When I say that, I'm not exaggerating much.  I was so proud of our coaches and girls for playing with honor and not stooping to a level of play that includes illegal tackles and severe body checking.  
I don't say this lightly when I tell you I prayed for Reagan's safety.
Our girls brought home 2nd place and I couldn't be prouder.

 The team bonding that happens on overnight trips leads to very special friendships.
The parents bonded out around the fire pit as well.

The 3rd commitment we had for this weekend was in Red Oak,IA for Chris' 20 year class reunion and a book signing at the Pudgy Pumpkin Patch.  No, Chris did not go to a very small girls' school.  ha I'm not sure when everyone else showed up.

Last but certainly not least we were the drivers for my parents who were flying out EARLY this morning. Chris made it back home to play the role of chauffeur at 4am.

We got it all done and now I'm am happy to be home with my feet up and nothing but silence in the background.  Aw, just what a girl like me needs after too much noise and chaos.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fabulous Foley Fourth

It's an annual thing for us.
July 4th actually it was July 3rd with our dear friends in Grand Island.
15-20 families come together for fantastic food, fellowship and fireworks
usually we get to GI a day or two early to hang out with the Foleys and other local friends.  this year we were on a tight schedule.  Em now has a babysitting job and braces (not that one has anything to do with the other) but we had to take care of both before heading to GI. Still had a great time with old friends.
 this is just the small stuff, I didn't get a picture of the table with all the loot.
these boys go a little CRAZY when it comes to blowing up their money fireworks

a string of firecrackers almost as long as Liv is tall

our little firecrackers

distribution to the kiddos

fireworks are not my thing, I like to watch but not participate.
our good friend Drew helped Liv so Chris could deal (fireworks) and I could sit & visit
thanks rock!

Em was a big help with sparklers for all the little kids 

the big girls found their spot to watch the display

the finale
537 shots to say...we love you america
you can watch it click here

july 4th at nana & papas

the girls' favorite "smoke bomb"

I love the lanterns.
we saw so many of them, this is my red lantern


this is one of those unsafe things that my biggest kid lets his daughters do

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer stuff

Summer at our house is the Best!!
I love down time with the ones I love.  Here are some of the things we have done in the last month.

at Platte River State Park
The Warren Raabe Clan
(minus Reagan)
 Amy and Chris celebrating a win!
We play games, have silly competitions and Easter egg hunts at our family reunion.
Thank you God for such an amazing family!
 Camping is...playing, bossing and avoiding the younger cousins.
I asked for a quick picture and instantly got this pose.
 Daddy and Daughter at the campfire
We also have a gift exchange every year.
The family reunion in June is a favorite for the entire family. Next year we will meet up in Iowa.  The cabins look pretty nice...granite counter tops and all.  I'm not sure my husband will let me say we were "roughing it".

I would love it if my kids told me the best part of camp was chapel or small group time but usually they say "GagaBall".  The concept is simple but it brings out Reagan's competitive juices like no other.  She came home with bloody knuckles again this year.  (from scrapping them on the concrete.)

Emma is at camp right now so pictures will have to come later.  I am so happy that there is a place that my girls LOVE to go and are willing to introduce their friends to the love of Christ while having a blast.

The relationship between a dad and his daughter is so important
Thank you God for giving me a mate who wants to create memories with his girls.

many many sleepovers
pool fun
playing games
 big girls hanging out
 mom making work fun :)
filling the balloons
 more balloons
The water balloon fight

We are so blessed to be able to enjoy the summer with our daughters. June is filled with dance recitals, soccer and softball but when July hits the pace slows down. I love sleeping in and so do my girls.  Poor Chris still gets up early for MSHS softball camp but is home by 1030am. We love having time to invest into the lives of our friends, our family and our marriage.

Tomorrow (or soon) I will post some pictures from this summer's sporting events.

God's love for us is BIG! You may be in a place that feels difficult and you may be wondering why you have to go through it. Believe me when I tell you, He (God) is right beside you all the way. You are His perfect creation and He doesn't make junk. Praise Him! Love Him! Lean on Him! He loves you and will never forsake you!