Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kickin' Off the Season

Kicking off her 9th year of soccer and looking forward to big things this season. For the third year Reagan's team began the season at the Eclipse Tournament in Chicago. They didn't make it into the finals but performed better than the last two years. Improvement is the goal. Our girls face nationally ranked teams from Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis and Ohio.
Catch me if you can!
Here let me give you a little push
Watch me go right around this girl!
Not my kid, but one of my fav pictures. GG is pretty tough.
Starting her 3rd year of soccer, Olivia is back at EGA playing soccer this year. Last night was her first game. (Can I just add that it is fantastic to have a child who plays in town) My heart fills with joy as I watch my girls participate in the things they love to do. The team didn't walk off the field with a win but they knew they had played hard and had a great time. The first couple of pictures my blonde little #8 in black, is playing defense in the field and the last picture is Liv playing goalie. A teammate had a handball in the box which means the other team gets to take a penalty kick. In other words the ball is placed close to the goal, there are no defenders, just the goalie and then the ball is kicked. My little goalie STOPPED THE BALL!! We were super excited for her.

Oh my word!! She saved her first PK!  Woo Hoo!!