Monday, March 20, 2017

So Much Happening

"It All Happens So Fast" it's the name of my blog for good reason. Back when I started this blog in 2007, life was much different. Although our girls were younger we still had busyness, it just looked different than it does today. Busy or not, time has flown by! How is it possible that we have two teenagers and a pre-teen?

Embrace whatever stage of life you are in... Babies... Toddlers... Teenagers... Empty-Nesters... Grandkids... No kids...

The last couple of weeks our girls have filled our calendar with lots of fun opportunities. Olivia has had multiple concerts. Last night she was in 2 different groups performing at the Omaha Lancers Hockey Game singing the National Anthem and an intermission special.
can you tell we had amazing seats?
100+ R2 kids Singing the National Anthem

A Small Group of SING OMAHA at Lancers Game
Liv has such a great passion for music. She loves to rehearse, practice at home and of coarse performing is the icing on the cake. In the next couple of months we will have another Minnesinger concert, school choir, band and orchestra concert and various concerts right in our own living room. Babe, your passion brings me great joy!

High School Musical Time! Emma had the great pleasure of being in the orchestra pit this year for the Millard West HS musical, Sound of Music. Fine Arts lovers, you HAVE to go to your local high school musicals and plays. These kids are ridiculously talented! Talent yes, but don't think it comes easy. Rehearsals start months before the performances and run late into the night. Keep in mind, Emma had her nose surgery in the midst of rehearsal season. Way to work hard Em! After the first performance I quickly snapped a picture of the pit. If you look directly below the conductors wand you will see Emma playing her cello.
The Orchestra Pit 

High School Varsity Soccer! Yep, Reagan made the varsity team as a freshman and has even started the first 4 games...great job kiddo, keep working hard! Millard West High School kicked off the season Thursday at home playing Burke HS with a 5-0 win. Friday and Saturday the team traveled to Lincoln to play Lincoln Northeast 10-0 W and Papio LaVista 6-2 W. Reagan's squad has out scored their opponents 21-2 in the first 3 games. Granted, tougher games are coming but what a way to start the season. Even though it is spring break in Millard the team faced a local rival, Millard South HS. What a nail biter, we won 2-1 with a late goal in the second half. What a great win for the wildcats! The high school game is a little different than club, but we are learning.

Club and HS teammate Grace

Luckily R headed the ball and not the knee!
We are excited to have Nana and Papa back from Arizona. I know it's been killing Dean and Linda to miss the girls' activities. Yesterday we decorated their house with "welcome home" signs and left homemade cookies and they brought us freshly picked oranges from Grandma's tree. It was fun to have them at Reagan's game tonight. My girls are so blessed to have such a supportive extended family.

Loving and celebrating Spring this week!