Tuesday, February 23, 2016

She Gave Me My New Name

Once again I have hit a period of time that my blog has been neglected. There have been several afternoons in the last month that I have opened this page to write something of interest. The issue is not a lack of material, there is always something going on at our house. Quite possibly the issue is too much going on in this house and in my head. It takes disciple to quiet my mind. With that said, my mind still is not quiet...start the laundry, order cupcakes, get the taxes ready, pack for my trip but I am still going to write something. You can decide if it is of interest or not.

February brings me great joy, the month Chris and I received our new names, mommy and daddy. Emma forever changed us. I know she loves it when I recount the way I felt on February 3rd, the day I went to the hospital to finally have this over due baby only to be sent home that evening. Some how I did not know that was a possibility. Sure enough I went into labor at 2am then began the worst 18 hours of my life which was all forgotten the moment she was placed on my chest. Skin so perfect, the touch of my new baby's skin will be etched in my memory forever.

Em had a fantastic celebration with a group of girls who collectively raised the noise level to something I have never experienced. I've heard the pit at NASCAR is deafening, so was this!
Pretty proud of the money cake, always wanted to do this.
My dad did something like this for me on my 20th bday.

Emma, we love you dearly and couldn't be more proud of you. Keep working hard to achieve your goals and don't expect perfection. In the past year you have experienced some amazing highs and some devastating lows but you have relied on your faith and your family to walk you through them both. Dad and I will always be right behind you offering support and encouragement, no matter what you face. And as much as we care for you, your Heavenly Father loves you more. Never stop looking up! You have said it many times, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13