Sunday, February 24, 2008

Going, Going, GONE

Life is crazy and truly does not stand still for anyone. Not that I am complaining, I like it that way. Just when I find something to worry about, it's taken care of and I'm ready to move on to something else. One might think this is the reason Chris is getting so many gray hairs....NAH!

Tuesday the 19th our house officially went on the market. Saturday morning the 23rd we had an offer and after some negotiations, Sunday morning we had a done deal. Geepers! What happened to the 120 days it was suppose to take to sell this house? I know... nothing is normal when it involves our family. Again, I like it that way! The real explanation is this, before our house even went on the market we started praying for the buyer of our home. YEA, we have an answered prayer here people.

Our new task....pray for the seller of our new home to be. YIKES!!! We looked at open houses today. It was not pretty. I know there is a special house just for our crazy family to fill. Finding it will be a journey, remind me to enjoy the journey and not stress out about it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

In the midst of packing....

...I kind of went crazy! How many childhood items does it take to reach the ceiling? Apparently only 8 items! Ha ha

We met with our realtor and he is very positive so really I should be too. Infact, he told me to quick freaking out about the cleaning and organizing. I can't help myself, I want it to be perfect. I keep saying, "shouldn't I be packing, cleaning, sorting and freaking out just a little about our house going on the market in just 5 days?" However today I took a mental health break and SCRAPPED! I do feel better. :)

This is my standard 3 picture layout.

This is a LO I lifted from Ali Edwards. I love it.

Here's a fun little LO for a friend of mine. Her girls love pink...Mindi I hope you like it.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Little Sleep & Lots of Puke

80's Ladies!!
Is this a totally rad flash back or what? I had SOOO much fun tonight!

My oldest is turning 9 years old. I can't believe it. This is about the time it starts getting hard to "plan" the party or have a cute theme. These girls are caught between a child and a teenie bopper. We had so much fun planning an 80's themed party and even going to Goodwill finding the clothing and accessories.

Geepers, I didn't realize we looked like street walkers back then. I thought it was hot....or like totally tubular. What ever will today's teenagers say in 20 years? ha ha

Just checked on all the girls, 3 are still awake. Funny how they aren't tired but I made them all lay down to watch a movie and within 20 min 5 of the 8 were sound asleep. I'm kind of new to I need to stay up until EVERYONE is asleep? I'm dragging around today on only 2 hours of sleep. Guess it'll be strong coffee tomorrow morning.

Here she is....what a sick little sweetie! For some reason this morning she HAD to keep her stocking cap on during the entire procedure. ha ha funny little girl!

Our little O battles a serious case of reflux and has since she was only minutes old. We experienced a 3 month repreve while on a new med. Last week the docs took her off of it and our world almost crashed! Just as I had expected for 21 months...her respiratory issues were directly linked to reflux. Not only has she been vomiting 10-20 times a day she also has a terrible "cold". This morning we did an upper GI with the expectations we'd do an esophagus scope next week but she's too sick. So for now she is back on the meds, right away she stopped vomiting. As much as I HATE drugs, right now I am loving 'em!!!