Thursday, September 22, 2016

College Visits...Soccer Style

What on earth are these coaches thinking? My freshman daughter has been on 2 college recruiting visits to Division 1 Universities. The girl is just trying to get through her first year of high school. Making big decisions like, should she go to homecoming and which kid of donuts should she take to QT next Friday plague her, not what will her major be 3.5 years from now. Reagan has a pretty good head on her shoulders and is taking it all in stride, so far. 
We keep reminding her, "have fun, don't let 'em pressure you!"

July 2016
I forgot to take pictures at Creighton University, this will be recreated and posted here soon.

Before Reagan had attended even one day of HS the Creighton University coach brought her in for an unofficial visit. In case you are wondering what an UNOFFICIAL visit is, I had to ask as well. In mom terms it means that the student-athlete is not yet a junior in high school and the university can not pay for any part of her visit, not lunch, travel or even a school t-shirt. I think if you are about to (literally) die of thirst they can direct you to a nearby water fountain and if there isn't one, well the NCAA would prefer the coach to call 911 than to offer you a bottle of water. 
SO MANY MANY RULES!! Back to the college visit. There were very few students on campus which really changes the vibe. Coach Ross Paule gave us a tour of the athletic facilities and then brought us back to his office for a meeting to discuss where he sees Reagan fitting in the BlueJay women's soccer team and answer questions. It was a great introduction to the process and are very appreciative to Ross.

September 2016
Visit #2 was just this week.
Reagan was identified by an assistant coach at the summer Elite ID camp. I remember the day Reags met Bri Young. She came home from the camp all excited about this coach and how she reminded her of our dear friend Heidi Foland. Let me tell you, that name carries serious weight with my girls, they love and respect Heidi as an athlete, coach, friend/big sister and Christian. 

Again the NCAA makes this process very difficult. KU coaches contact Reagan's club coach who tells us to call the KU coach but if she doesn't answer we should leave a message and keep calling back because it is a violation for her to return our phone call, text or email. I'm just going to say it...that's stupid! So we started down this path, it's actually a long boring story so I won't bother typing it out. The short of it is...we went to Lawrence KS and were pretty amazed. 

Visit #1 was just Reagan, me and my very handsome hubby. Visit #2 was with 3 other girls from EGA and parents. For Reags, this made life a little easier, she wasn't the only one answering questions and she wasn't in the spotlight. For me it was nice to have someone to talk to on the drive down there. Waking up at 5:15am kind of kicked my butt! 
-toured the facilities
-ate lunch with Mark Francis, HC and the 2 asst coaches Bri & Kelly
-meet with the Director of academic and career counseling
-meet with the Director of KU LEADS This was super impressive!
-toured the campus, it's huge! Kelly Miller knows a lot of history and cool details
-toured their new stadium and new practice fields
-saw all the swag a KU soccer player gets a.k.a. Adidas goodies (9 pair of shoes+)
-watched soccer practice and met many of the players
-individual meetings

Strength and Conditioning builds better soccer players

Left her mark at Jeffereson's on Mass St
After a long fun day we decided it would be crazy if we didn't experience a little bit of Lawrence on Massachusetts St. The place to be, even on a Wednesday evening every parking spot was full and the restaurants were buzzing with patrons. We found a cool little burger joint (in a college town should I really use the word joint?) with decorated dollar bills all over the walls...Reagan left her mark right under the tv.

It's hard to know what is in Reagan's future, we are thrilled to have already been able to experience alittle bit of "wooing" by some interested college coaches. In the meantime, she's got a lot of living to do. We praise God for the gifts He has given Reagan so generously and we pray that she uses them wisely to always bring glory to our Creator and Lord. Amen!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hoco 2016

Homecoming at my house looks different for different people.
Baby Girl #1 lives for a party and lots of loud people.
Baby Girl #2 doesn't like to dress up, dance or talk to all those loud people.
And I'm happy to have daughters with different interests, it's the way God crafted them.
Emma with 2 dear friends
Emma's crew
I bet all their feet were in pain by the time pictures were over.
Reagan and her Papa spent the day at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they battled the Oregon Ducks. Chris gave up his ticket to what may have been the best Husker football game of the year. 
***I guess we can return Reagan's homecoming dress.***
Reagan's "hoco date" a.k.a. Papa

Saturday, September 10, 2016

I Am With You

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I promised you.  -  Genesis 28:15

Soothing words for a parent in preparation to send her daughter out of our safe home and begin her journey of adulthood in college. Yes, it's only September of her senior year but nearly every day there is paperwork to fill out, a discussion to have or or check to write that reminds me she will be moving out all too soon. We pray for our children. We teach our children. We love our children. We know God is with them but still worry. Oh, why is my faith weak? This scripture reminds me that I need not worry, just trust the Lord that He has it all under control.

Here are a couple of Emma's senior pictures. Not my favorites but I post them because I enjoy the memory of the day they were taken. The top picture: We were done with the first photo shoot and heading home when Kelli, our photographer saw this building in an alley. A last second stop, 3 pictures taken and then jumped back in the van to head home. The bottom picture: Kelli wanted some candid pictures showing Emma's carefree laughter. She was struggling so I started doing cheers, something that totally embarrasses my daughters. There is nothing better than the pure unadulterated joy of a child. I love you girl!

Emma, the Lord your God will always be with you. He loves you more than we, your parents ever could. He is with you today and all your days ahead. This does not mean your path will always be easy but it will be worth the journey. In all you do, lean on Jesus for the big and little moments.