Monday, May 9, 2016

Mom's Day

Graduation Parties
Family Dinner out
Chris' softball team
Emma's softball team
Late Night meeting

This is what Mother's Day Weekend looks like at our house. What a fantastic way to celebrate doing and being the thing I love most...A Mom! My favorite part of the day was lunch with the girls at a little taco shop in a nearby shopping center and some brief shopping. We laughed so hard at silly stuff. There is nothing better than the love and joy from a child. These three girls are the reason my life is so crazy and also so filled with laughter and joy. I am blessed beyond words that God saw me as a woman (along with her awesome hubby) who could raise them to know Jesus as their savior and rely on the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance.  I am humbled! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Color Run EGA Style

When soccer girls plan a team building event it still includes running and they love it. This wasn't the official color run but it was a 5K fun run which involved colorful dust flying through the air. Reagan is surprised to find that she had blue toes when she jumped in the shower.  Color went everywhere!

 The hills were brutal!

 My little blondie had pink, blue, green, yellow hair.
And finally the team jumped in to the pool to wash off. However, Nebraska pool water on April 25th is stinkin' COLD! As soon as they hit the water they were scurrying for the steps. 

Sometimes these competitive soccer players need to spend some time together letting loose, doing the things that fourteen year old girls do...laughing, acting like fools and being care-free.