Saturday, May 23, 2009

Field Day 2009

Since I ran the DDR booth for Emma's field day I wasn't able to get many pictures of her activities but I think this one pretty well captures the day for her. It's all social.
Way to Go got first place!

At 25 cents a piece this was the longest line of the day.

Reagan in the 100 meter dash, I do believe this race was a 2nd place finish.

Olivia spent the whole day at the school but she still has it in her to... strike a pose!

Finally during the tug-o-war she gave up... enough for the day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flat Tummy Foods!

Sounds awesome huh??

You've gotta go here..............

Really, every little tip helps. What can it hurt?

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Than 24

Whew! We made it through the weekend. Friday must have had 28 hours in it and I really had 30 hours of stuff to day. Some how it all got done. This morning I talked to my dear friend Kimberly...her Friday was the same as mine. Which brought me to the conculsion that there really was 28 hours in that day.

Today my inspiration comes from Phillipians 1:6
Christ has started a good work in you and He will bring it to completion.

What are the messages from your past that you accepted as truth? It is possible that they are not the truth at all. You were wonderfully and fearfully created...God doesn't make junk! (yes, I'm preaching to myself.) ha

Have a wonderful Day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 B Different, You Have 2 B DIFFERENT!

If you haven't heard of my favorite fitness person you really must go check her out.

Holly Rigsby...she is the original Yummy Mummy!

Holly sends me great emails every few days and I have written down all of her posted workouts. If you want to look different and feel different from the rest of the world then you need to act different. Changing your diet to something healthy and non-processed and working out in a whole new way. I LOVE IT! Ok, most of the time I love it. Well, once in a while I love it. ha ha Really what I love is the way I feel and the way I can see my body transforming.

Enough chat...just go there. I hope I posted the right link.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phase I Complete!

Today marks the last day of the first 6-week phase of a new lifestyle for me. It is truly a day of celebration for me.

April 1st I joined a class called PRISM. It is a weight loss program based on biblical principals. I have learned if you look at it like a diet the success rate will be just like all the other diets out there...not lasting. Phase I strips you down to the basics of eating healthy natural foods and breaking emotional ties to food. Sounds funny but SO NECCESSARY! For 6 wks I have not eaten processed sugar, any flour, nasty toxic oils, or processed foods of any kind (ok there were just a couple of slip-ups). Starting tomorrow there will be changes to my diet, adding in some foods but forever the nasty toxic stuff is gone. It sounds difficult and to be honest the first week is so bad I thought I was going through a drug rehab program...I felt terrible.

Today I weighed and took my measurements again. Woo Hoo!! I have lost 18.5 lbs and lost 13 1/4 inches. SWEET!!!! I think I'll go eat a big old piece of a chocolate cake to celebrate. Just Kidding!

Tomorrow I start Phase II. Please come along side of me with encouraging words and supportive prayers. This is hard and I still have a long way to go. Thanks for being my friend and support.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Motherhood is the very thing that can take me to the peaks and valleys, all within the same day. 11 years ago I had no idea what I was gettting myself into when Chris and I decided to start a family. To read a book on parenting is almost a joke, you must experience the ride to even begin to understand the depth of love hiding deep within you. Not every moment of mommy-hood is my favorite but it does seem to get better the longer I have children. Nothing was better than that first moment that I saw her and then touched her perfect, unbelmished velvety skin. I hope I never forget that spot in time.

Chris and I always knew that we would have more than one child but when baby number two was growing and developing within my body I started to wonder, "How does a mother love 2 babies?" I couldn't imagine this great love being split in two. God did another amazing feat. My love didn't split in two, it was multiplied by two and then three.

Celebrating motherhood is lovely. However I find myself building this day up in my mind and who can really compete with my fairlytale expectations? I was recognized in church. I ate out with my family. I picked out beautiful flowers for the yard. I spent several hours outside with the family. I opened precious handmade gifts from the girls. What a fantastic day! Yet, my favorite moment of recognition is when Olivia runs to me with a warm hug in the morning or when Emma tells me (and only me) about a cute boy at school or when Reagan tells me that I make the best food ever. Those are the real moments that no one sees but the very moments that fill my heart with such gratitude. What a blessed life!

To all those who read this blog, I pray you know the love of a child. It will change you forever.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009


Happy May Day! Every year on May 1st about this time of day I think I really should have made may day baskets with the girls and then I commit myself to doing it next year. Well, next year is here and we still didn't make May Day baskets. No longer do I feel like the bad mom of the year. We don't have candy in this house and I doubt any of their friends really want cute little baskets filled with carrots, grapes and cucumber sticks. You see, I'm being a great mom by not embarrassing my children infront of their peers.

This weekend while Chris, his dad and brother-in-law are fishing (it's suppose to rain around KC) the girls and I will be at home working hard, one might even say slaving away. Ok, I'm lying. I plan to be scrapping the hours away while the girls run free in the neighborhood. is hosting a cyber crop. It'll be fun and sounds like lots of challenges and contests that will stretch my scrapping ability. Come over and have fun with us. There are prizes from Jenni Bowlin...I gotta get me some of that.