Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amish Health

This is an incredible article that truly sheds great light on the subject of eating well and living healthy lives.  Some of it may challenge your belief system.  I wonder if you should consider where your knowledge of health has come from.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Big Day

We had a big day around here and I'm sad to say it wasn't because it was Father's Day.  My girls are so blessed to have the most amazing father.  Chris works hard, plays hard and loves like no other.  He not only gives guidance but lives what he teaches.  Thank you Chris for being the man, husband and father that you are!
We have enjoyed the company of our friend, Andy Richey from Phoenix for 3 or 4 days...honestly I don't even know how long he was here.  ha ha  Every night we stayed up so late, I loved every minute of it but I'm feeling the lack of sleep today.

Today started with the end of yesterday. Does that sound weird? We'll I can hardly tell when one ended and the next began.
My day began like this...

1:00am   We finally went to bed...not a good start to my day.  :)

2:00am   Emma woke with a terrible ear ache

3:40am I crawl back into bed

4:00am  I hear Andy leaving our house, heading for the airport.  I got up to wish him well in my groggy state.

7:00am  Alarm clock goes off...time to get ready for church and get at least 2 kiddos in the shower.  (we had an extra one here last night)

8:10am   I head out the door for church hoping and praying that Emma will sleep in and feel well when she wakes.  Camp starts today for her.  YIKES!!

9:00am  Chris calls our AWESOME chiropractor Niki Pearson to get Emma adjusted.

10:45am  Everyone goes to church  (praying for Emma's healing with the Packwoods)

12:30pm  Eat a quick lunch...Chris' favorite pizza.  (praying for Emma's healing)

1:20pm  Emma and I leave for church camp so I can help with registration from 2-5 and she can join up with her friends at 3:30.  (praying for Emma)

6:00pm   Meet the in-laws for dinner, Chris' games are cancelled due to rain so he joins us.  (praying for Emma)

8:00pm  Chris heads to his "writing cave" to work on book #2.  (praying for Emma)

9:30pm Olivia and Reagan are in bed (praying for all 3 girls)

10:52pm   It's time for me to fall into bed as well. (praying)

Dad, wishing you a happy father's day and to all you wonderful men who make a positive influence on your children's lives.  Thank you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Making memories is important, especially when it involves family, the people you love.  Chris' dad's family has always been close.  In fact, not just Dean's family but Warren's family and the generations before put God first and family second to everything else.  (Ok, baseball was a VERY close third!  You know 2 of Warren's bothers missed a sibling's wedding because of a baseball game and as the story has it, everyone was ok with that.) Back to the topic at hand...loving each other inspite of their flaws has always been top priority.  Don't tell anyone but there are even several Democrats in the bunch. 

All 27 of us made it to our annual family reunion.  We poured into a local state park with loaded minivans.  Not only did we have games, food and firewood for smores but we had christmas presents.  Most of us just brought our gift exchange packages but Helen could not be outdone.  Each of my children opened at least 10 gifts.  Good grief!

Back by popular demand, my handsome hubby organized planned and created a fun filled 3 days of games and silly events.  Dean's family took home the gold in ladder golf.  Lois and her clan came on strong during Boce ball...crushing the rest of the family.  Nail pounding wasn't even close....ALL ME!!  I will have pictures at a later date.  The diaper challenge was a close 3-way tie.  Pitch took place late at night in the cabins...no known winner.  If smore making was an event Logan would have been the clear winner... that boy had 6 marshmallows on a stick at a time.  Not to brag but I made the best coffee of the reunion.

Surprises of the weekend...
Holly's bright orange hair
Kelly and Ryan are expecting
The group picture includes everyone
No children were lost
Reagan caught 2 fish
No one was able to cheat in the gift exchange!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

On The Field

Softball is a big part of our family for most of the year.  Chris coaches high school softball from August thru October with a peppering of meetings, hitting and coaching clinics, and brain zone meetings through out the entire year and then spends April thru June coaching Emma and Reagan's softball teams.  So with all that softball it's pretty important to capture some of those moments on film...well no one uses film anymore but you know what I mean.

Emma playing first base.
She is really growing as a softball player.
I love to watch her at first and short and recently we realized she's pretty good behind the plate as well.

Great catch Em!
Chris coaching while Liv tries to get Daddy's attention.

What a great game!
The Diamondbacks beat the #1 team The Orange Crush

I can't wait to get these sent off and start scrapbooking.  It's been too long!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Long Camp

Today was a big day for Reagan.  At 4:30 this afternoon I had to chase down Reagan just to give her a hug good-bye as she walked into the chapel for the opening ceremony at camp.  For a shy little girl she sure wasn't scared to leave mom and dad for the next 3 nights.  I can't wait to hear all the stories of new friends, fun games, scary camp stories and hopefully some that lead to life changing decisions.

I bet she was bummed that she didn't get a chance to change her pants from church...but she sure did put on her camp shirt as soon as possible.

Reagan and Gabby's first small group with couselor Savanah.
Reagan, I will be praying for you every day.  I love you dearly sweetheart!

Dance Recital 2010

Oma and Opa were able to make the long drive this year.

It's hard to believe how our little girl is growing up.
We were so proud of you tonight. You are a graceful dancer.

What a blessing to have Great Grandma here.

Finally the day is over.  It's been fun but exhausting.