Thursday, September 27, 2012


Happy Birthday my sweet Reagan. I always say this but I can't believe how the years have flown by. Truly I didn't think I would make it through that first year of her life and now look at her...beautiful, talented, a wonderful personality, funny and low maintenance.  We love you RGR!

Nothing says good morning like a peanut butter cupcake and a cup of hot cider, right?

One of my favorite parts of my girls' birthdays is creating a yummy treat for school. Reagan wanted the same thing she had last year so I "fancied" them up a little.  I think the kids at school will have fun eating soccer balls on a stick.

I started with Joe-Joe's from Trader Joe's.
no hydrogenated oils, HFCS or MSG
Next I put them on the stick and refrigerate.
Typical almond bark also has hydrogenated oils in it so I use Ghirardelli white chocolate. 
I'm sure there is still bad stuff in there but shh, don't tell me.  
Yep...pretty bad!!
Alright, this gel is working much better
And here's the finished product, ready to go to school.
I can't wait to have lunch with my birthday girl today.

Lord, You are good. Thank you for the amazing gift of our daughter, Reagan. She is a blessing to this family. I pray that she will continue to seek you out and learn about the love you have to offer everyone. Watch over her today and bring her safely home. In your service. Amen

Monday, September 24, 2012


Today I find myself constantly praying for all those who are suffering today from the loss of their friend and loved one, JT Butrick. Friday morning JT was struck by a car as he was walking to school, his life on earth ended that evening. This kind-hearted boy attended the same middle school as our oldest daughter which means my husband had him in class last year.

Last night Emma struggled with what to feel and say. Today there will be so many kids in that same boat. Dealing with ones mortality is difficult for all of us but for a middle school child it is just too much to really understand. Please join with me in praying for the students, staff and faculty at school today.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Oma

Today is a special's my mom's birthday.

The majority of our family birthdays are in the fall. In case you have not caught on to the crazy schedule we keep from August to November let me say it again...WE ARE BUSY this time of year. Because of that birthday celebrations can be a little difficult to squeeze in with out of town family.  We won't see mom today but we will call and sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Gosh, we might even buy some cupcakes to eat them in her honor.

Today marks another monumental event. Today 12 years ago Chris, Emma and I were at a football game in Glendale, AZ watching the Independence Patriot band take the field when in a blink of an eye our 18 month old slipped from our grasp. Emma's little body zipped through the LARGE opening on the bleachers and fell 10 feet to the asphalt below. There are no words to describe what I felt in the next 60 seconds. Without anyone knowing what was going on, Chris and I flew down the stadium to retrieve our baby below. It is funny the things your brain allows you to be aware of and the things that are blocked out. We both recall hearing a woman yell at us, "No Running!" She had no idea what had happened, not even the people sitting around us knew.

We got to the bottom of the bleachers (which were open in the front) and made our way to our crying baby below.  I remember right then and there praising God that she was crying, that meant she was alive. Adrenaline took over and Chris picked her up, not even thinking that she could possibly have a spinal injury.  Blood was gushing from her head, Chris began to freak out and miraculously I was calm. (This is a role reversal for us.) God gave me strength to move forward. Within seconds we were surrounded by Chris' coworkers, someone called 911 and the ambulance was on it's way. The Richeys were the first people there to help. We met Andy and Becky through supper club at our church. Later Chris and Andy were coworkers and baseball coaches at IHS. Becky asked what she could do first. I sent one person in search of my purse and shoe and then I had Becky call the prayer chain at our home church, Christ Church of the Valley. I knew then, and still do, that calling on the power of our Creator and Redeemer was the most important step in Emma's recovery.

In my memory the next hour of time is filled with waiting, worrying, hurrying and many brief stories. We waited for the ambulance while the doctor at the game wanted us to just drive Emma to the nearest hospital. Again God gave me the strength to tell him, "no, we will wait for the ambulance so we can go to Children's hospital downtown." Once the medical team arrived, Emma and I hurried down I-17 with the lights and sirens blaring. Chris followed in a friend's vehicle. The paramedic cut off Emma's brand new (never worn before) outfit and said she definitely had a broken clavicle. I also remember trying to calm Emma by singing "Jesus Loves Me", something that worked in the past. She said, "no singing mama." Aw, a little comic relief, just what I needed. Thank goodness the school colors were red and blue because my dark red shirt was covered in blood as was my face, hands and arms.

We rolled into Phoenix Children's Hospital at 19th and Thomas. The doctors surrounded Emma and took her away from me. There was something about seeing her go behind the curtain without me that I couldn't handle. In fact, right now as I type this I am overwhelmed with emotion again. Oh my God is good. Never once did I question him, I certainly needed him. Right as the chaplain began to walk this sobbing mother into the waiting room my husband raced in the ER doors. His face was grief stricken asking what happened? I was so confused. I said (probably with some attitude), "Emma fell through the bleachers." He thought she died because I had been so strong and suddenly I could barely walk. I don't recall laughing about that until later but it is funny.

Our first update didn't come for an hour, finally then we knew she would live however we did not know the extent of her injuries. The waiting room continued to fill with people from school and church.  These people were friends, coworkers and bosses.  Some of them knew Christ and others didn't. In the midst of a large group prayer, right there in the waiting room God showed me the impact this event could have on our friends D & L as well as others who were not with our group. I don't believe God caused Emma to fall so someone else could come to know Christ but I know that God uses situations like this one to share His love with the lost. What a joy it was to find out 3 or 4 years later that D&L had become believers. The credit is all God's but I can't help but wonder if a seed was planted that night.

Within another hour we were able to see Emma. Her injuries were bad enough but nothing like what they could have been. No concision, no broken bones (remember the paramedic), no internal injuries but she did have gravel embedded into her skull. Who knew that a plastic surgeon would be at the hospital on a Friday night at 9pm? Another God thing! We had a terrible night of sleep at Children's then were released the following day.

My next strong memory was Sunday morning sitting on the front row at church. I had never felt so close to God. (Another odd detail, I remember Marcie Demaree playing the piano on stage.) I believe God provided a hedge of protection around Emma as she fell. The feelings of thankfulness and joy still wash over me when I think of all of the "could have beens". And that huge scare on Emma's forehead is a reminder to her that God has a very special plan for her life.

God is Good All the Time!
All the Time God is Good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Corporate Cup 2012

Back in March a girlfriend from Arizona challenged me to a 5K to celebrate our birthdays. She wanted to get out of the heat so I found something in the mid-west, signed up and sent her the link to do the same. Luckily I talked a couple local friends into joining us.  I say "luckily" because my AZ friend decided to not come. The big race day is in early October and honestly I have not trained consistently for this race.

In the meantime my friend Susan talked me into running in the Corporate Cup 10K on September 16th. Reluctantly I agreed to it thinking I had 10 weeks to get into shape.  Guess what? I didn't get trained properly. Sunday morning I was stressed and dreaded even the thought of running 6.2 miles. We got downtown EARLY (because that's what you do when you are with her hubby Tim) and waited around for the mobs of people to move towards the starting line. 
 Look at all these people.  I think there were around 4,000 in the 10K and 10,000 in the entire event.
I got my shirt, Susan did not. Here we are ready to push ourselves beyond what our bodies think possible. I was so nervous I nearly threw up.
My new running shoes...this will surely break them in.
Got my bib, armed with a GPS chip.

I am proud to say that I finished with a time of 1:20:38. The time isn't the important part of that statement, it's the word "FINISHED." I probably didn't push myself hard enough because at the finish line I felt like I could go a little more. I alternated running 10 mins-walking 5 mins the entire way. So to say I "ran" the race is only a partial truth even though my walking is just slightly slower than my "running." 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

My list of 101 Things had "RUN A 5K" which I am doing on October 6th but this counts also.  I love it when I can mark another thing accomplished.

Have a very blessed day and know that with HIS power you are able to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.  Not by your strength but by HIS strength.  Peace

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Will Remember

Today I pray for and remember those who have fallen in service to our country. There are many who continue to feel the devastation from the terrorist acts of 9-11-01. I don't personally know their pain but I lift them up to a loving Lord and Savior who does know their pain and wants to comfort them.

Facebook is filled with some breathtaking images of 911. This has always been one of my favorites.

Take a moment to silence yourself and all around you.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

God has not forgotten us. He was here in the beginning and He will be here until the end. Be still and know that He is God!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinterest Finds

I was looking for some fun soccer stuff for Reagan's bedroom and then I ran across this...LOVE IT! I didn't pin it right away because pinterest wouldn't let me, said that it lead to spam.  So I am not trying to steal the credit for this idea I just want to show what I may or may not ever make.  ha

Here are two rooms I found on Pinterest that also peaked my interest.  I don't like everything they did but there are some cool ideas. I already cut a huge circle out of wood to make a soccer ball for R's room so I won't paint the big ball on the wall but isn't that cool? I like the name on the wall in the top pictures and the balls hanging down. What Reagan and I both found interesting was the bed on the clear stand filled with soccer balls.  Holy Buckets!!  What would that cost to recreate?

I'm working on Olivia's room right now and finishing up a flower project for our little friend Molly AND doing some vinyl signs for a sweet little baby Rachel. So as you can see, Reagan has a little while to wait.

Today is the perfect temp, I can't help but enjoy the day. Now I'm heading outside to play ball and shoot targets (bow and arrows) with the family. Happy Sunday afternoon to you all. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

40 Favorite Things about Fall

There is so much to be thankful for no matter who you are or where you live. I know there are situations that people live in that feel hopeless but I assure you there is a God who loves you and has great plans for you, even now in the midst of a trial. This week in my Daily Chronological Bible I will read about Job. Some might say that he is a man who had every reason to curse God but instead chose to worship Him. Thank you Job for a powerful reminder.

This October I will celebrate my first 40 years of life on this earth. I can't believe it, even as I type this out. I use to think that was SO I know better.  ha ha So I am composing a list of 40 things that I am thankful for this fall. Oh how I love fall, this will not be difficult.

1. Crisp Morning Air
2. Tree Leaves Turning
3. Mums Blooming
4. Decorating 
5. Sweatshirts
6. Husker Football
7. High School Sports
8. Jeans
9. Pumpkin Patch
10. An Ever Present God in My Life
11. Turning off the AC
12. Raking Leaves
13. Raking Leaves
14. Raking More Leaves
15. Reagan's Birthday
16. Soup
17. A Regular Family Schedule 
18. Chris' Birthday
19. Family Time Around The Fire Pit
20. Couple's Small Group
21. Reagan's Soccer
22. Emma's Dance
23. Olivia's Softball
24. Millard South Softball
25. Time to Myself
26. Color Run 5K
27. School Supply Shopping
28. New Teachers
29. Beautiful Colors of Nature
30. Not Running the Furnace
31. Walking to School
32. Walking Home From School
33. Listening to AZ Friends Still Complain About the Heat
34. A New Book Being Released
35. Hot Cocoa
36. Corporate Cup 10K Run
37. Step Into Village One
38. Awana Starts Again
39. Apple Orchards
40. Turning 40 Years Young

I hope you have your own list or possibly this post inspires you to come up with a list of things you are thankful for or enjoy this fall. Share your list so you might encourage your circle of friends to focus on the many positives they have surrounding them.

God Bless!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Painting Again...

Oh how I love to paint, create and design. Sometimes I am a little disappointed that the picture in my head is not the same thing that happens on the walls of the room I am decorating.

Olivia gave me a tall order for her bedroom.  She wanted...
*blue walls
*a sun
*a picket fence
Let me start by saying that I like to do whatever the girls want in their rooms after all it takes a can of paint to cover it.  However, I don't like the color blue for decorating in my home, I wasn't going to paint a traditional rainbow or sun just because I didn't want her room to look stupid. Obviously, I didn't tell her that.

We started by finding a comforter that was both cost effective and likable by both Liv and myself.
From there I picked a "blue" out of the fabric, it's more of a aqua. Her walls have been transformed from pink & green to "blue" & green. It took a little lot more work than I expected because I had to SAND the walls first.  I did not love that!!!
I took this picture in the dark while Olivia was sleeping so the blue does not look right.
Another comment on this picture, I'm not sure what I am going to do where the blue and green meet, this is still in the planning stages.

Today Reagan and I enjoyed some QT punching flowers out of paint chips...thank you Walmart paint department. Then we organized them into a RoyGBiv type order.

I just finished sewing together 5 strips of garland from the colorful paint samples. When these land on the wall they will actually be an inverted rainbow. My next step tomorrow will be figuring out where and how I will secure these to her bedroom wall.

I have a "you are my sunshine" sign to make this week. I didn't make these but I will do something like this but probably square.

My errands in the next few days will consist of hitting several junks stores and Goodwills looking for ornate frames to paint in a high gloss bright color. Once again, this is fun!

Next week I plan to finally pull the old picket fence slabs from the garage and put to good use. Oh how I love to repurpose items. It's a cost effective way to decorate and makes me feel good about using someone else's stuff that would otherwise be in the local dump.

Please check back soon for an update on Livie's Rainbow Bedroom. I hope to not disappoint.

Blessings to you all!