Wednesday, June 24, 2009


What is it that picks you up?

How do you get rejuvenated?

Nothing like a get-away with a girlfriend, usually just one or two at a time. Big groups drain me more than refresh me. Today my dear friend from GI came to town. Since I have the best husband in the world he honored a 6 hour hall pass for us. Tami and I went to dinner, a movie and then Culvers....she's really tempting my sugar addiction. :) Why don't spas stay open late for pedicures? That's a great "pick-me-up."

Just a brief note. Have a great night. Now call a friend and spend some quality time together, it'll do you both a world of good.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Chris and I are such sports fans, especially college sports. So living in the very city that hosts the College World Series every year is a pretty big deal. As a young boy, Chris grew up spending all week in GA seats watching every game for a total of $20. Oh those were the days. Now you can spend $20 just on parking. YIKES!

Sunday we shared front row seats with our friends Craig and Vicki. Today we sat up much higher but with an excellent view and a friendly breeze. Our friends Becky and Andy (or as Emma use to call them Bucky and Annie) are in town from Arizona. Do you have friends who are just easy to be with. You may go months or even years without being together but each meeting is as if there was no such break...Becky and Andy are those friends for us. We are so happy to have them in Nebraska. As luck would have it, they got to see an exciting ASU/Texas game tonight. So sad to see ASU go home, but what a game! Tomorrow we'll all be at Westchester field watching the 4th grade Yellowjackets start their tourne. I'm sure it will hold the same level of excitement but without the 2 outfield bleachers yelling back and forth. Hmm, maybe we should take a beach ball to toss around between innings.
This picture really doesn't do the day justice. Prior to this pose we walked around the Rosenblatt stadium area in the rain for about 3 hours. You can't see my umbrella but so thankful to have it. Get this, they wanted to take it away from me before entering the stadium. So I just walked away, buried it in my purse and took my chances. It's a nice little umbrella that I probably paid $5 for at Walgreens, I didn't want to lose it. ha
after the rain...before the sunburn

Friday, June 12, 2009

Family Reunion

All because 2 people fell in love...Warren and Sylvia started this crazy group and even though they no longer are physically with us they live on in our hearts. God and family were very important to Grandma and Grandpa. We all are so blessed to have their model of love.

Every year the family gets together for 2-3 days of R & R. My favorite get-a-way has been Lewis & Clark State Park. This year we went to a different Nebraska state park, it was wonderful! Cabins, Tepees, hiking trails, fishing, campfires and so much more. I was not born into this family but love them all just as if I was. Warren's Great Grandchildren (except the twins) the top of the small observation tower.

Geesh, I thought all those super dangerous old slides were surely taken down and disposed of...nope we found one and you got it, all the kids HAD to go down it.
Mom and the Girls

S M O R E S ... what more do we need to say?
The Official Photographer of the weekend!

The tepees were pretty cool. We all decided spending the night in one just was not an option.

Great Grandma Wanda and one of the twins.
I just happen to know this is Paige because she has on PINK!! :)

Our family at the falls.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All That Sparkles

Look at these treasures............... My friend Courtney came to my house to show off her Premier Designs Jewelry. It really was a fun night and in the end a got a bunch of FREE jewelry. This picture represents some stuff I have wanted but couldn't bring myself to it's mine!!

My friend Julia, ok I really don't know her but want to cuz she's just the neatest person ever, also sells Premier Designs. I am thinking about in the future hosting a jewelry party for her where people can purchase jewelry for themselves or for a charity. Then ALL the free jewelry would go to a house/organization for women who are or have been homeless or incarcerated and are now trying to start their lives over. Think about it, if you are down on your luck and trying to make something of yourself wouldn't it be so uplifting to have some pretty jewelry to wear at your job interview? I've gotta figure out the details and find the charity I want to support. If anyone has suggestions, I am totally open to hear what you have to say. Please leave me a comment below.

Big shout out to Julie Garst, her birthday is TODAY! and Grandma Pawluk is celebrating a birthday tomorrow. Ladies have a wonderful day! Love and hugs to you both.

..but the greatest of these is LOVE! What are you going to do to show some love this week?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

There's Proof in the Pictures

Not that anyone would doubt me but here are a few pictures to show you what we have been up to the last few days. Tomorrow is more of the same and then we will be heading to a state park for a little R&R without any schedules to keep.


In tonight's game she even slapped twice, her daddy is so proud!


EMMA THE BRICK WALL...nothing is gettin' by this catcher!

TIPPY TOED she doesn't hit like a ballet dancer.

JUST OUT OF THE DRESSING ROOM...heading stage left for tap rehearsal

BEAUTY AND GRACE...Emma's first year in ballet

Just a brief note on the dance costumes. A HUGE thank you goes out to Jackie and Jason. You run a top notch dance company and let little girls be little girls. I'm proud of the modest costumes and choreography your team put together. You guys rock! Last year at our previous company on dad asked during the recital if he should have brought one dollar bills. Yep! It was that distasteful!

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH ...elephants, tigers, high wire walkers and plenty of magic tricks.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Unofficially Summer

Hey it's'd that happen so fast? Wasn't it winter yesterday? This is our first week of summer vacation for the girls and Chris. We're lovin' it! I have said our schedule is crazy but really it's rather normal. We are a family of 5 active people. Couch potatoes have boring lives, we're certainly on the go.

Emma and Reagan are really enjoying softball. Emma's team seems to be a little behind the rest of the 4th grade teams. Apparently most of them have played together for several years. That certainly makes a difference. Cousin Kelly helped Emma with some pitching lessons...I think we'll be going back for more. After just one lesson we saw tremendous improvement. Both Emma and Reagan do a great job at 1st base. G'pa would be so proud!

Reagan is still our little switch hitter. Her left swing is actually better than the right. That makes Papa so proud...being a lefty himself. It does frustrate Reagan that all the kids get to hit and run around the base each inning, she can't tell who is winning. ha My very competitive child is frustrated without a score.

With 4 games a week little Liv has figured out the ins and outs of life at the softball fields. Luckily there is a fun little playground which Olivia always seems to rope someone into taking her to. Even though she "never" throws sand, she comes home with a head full of it. Those little invisible elves must be the evil doers.

Soccer ended Saturday with another amazing game played by the Comets! Reagan had 2 goals and played some great defensive. Dance is coming to an end as well. Tonight is dress rehearsal and Saturday at 1:15 Emma will be dipped in a vat of Mary Kay before going out on stage to dance her 3 numbers. I can't wait to get some good pictures to share with all of you blog readers.

The Warren Ray.bee reunion festivities begin Sunday afternoon. Sounds like rain, we're all praying for sunshine, imagine 3 days in cabins with 28 loud relatives. :) Oh, we'll have a great time no matter what the weather will bring.

As soon as I get my camera charged I'll have pictures to share. Enjoy this beautiful weather...unless you are reading this in Arizona, it's too hot there to call beautiful. Wherever you are, know you are blessed. If you have food, a roof and obviously you have an internet connection you have more than most of the world. Next time I complain about my missing leather couch remind me of that very statement. :)

Love to you all!