Tuesday, June 27, 2017


*******I started this post a couple weeks ago and just now I am getting back to it******

Tonight I was scrolling though some of those YAHOO stories and came across one I found to be quite troubling. An article titled "DANGEROUS TEXTING SLANG ALL PARENTS SHOULD KNOW" certainly piqued my interest. To sum it up, the list was dated and the article was a bit negative however the comments were most disturbing. Everyone commented on how terrible the kids are "these days" and it's mostly the fault of cell phones. I disagree!

I have pretty strong opinions about parenting so I tend to lean more to blaming the adults than the children and their devices. I know a bunch of really great kids and they ALL have cell phones. I also knew a bunch of naughty teens when I was in high school (spoiler: I was one of them) and not one of us had a cell phone. I could go into a long soapbox explanation of how and why parents should be more present in the lives of their youth, how they should say "no",  how they should make their kids go to church etc. Instead I'm going to say, encourage a teenager to show love. That message will do more than telling them that they are lazy, disrespectful or entitled.

Believe me, I can go right down that same road of negativity, it take intentional parenting to be the adult in the relationship. Recently, a dear friend of mine reminded me to be thankful for the frustrations I sometimes focus on when it comes to my own teenagers. Can they be messy? Can they be disrespectful? Can they ignore my requests to help around the house? Yes, Yes and Yes!! That's really not all that bad. Thank you God for giving my girls a loving heart and a desire to serve you.

I have a fun video to share. Reagan and some of her soccer friends have a new found love...Creekin'. Not far from our house there's two little man made ponds which lead to a creek that runs for miles. I have heard stories but not until tonight have I had any real visuals. Reags and Grace took 7 girls two miles through the creek. You will see they had a blast. Click HERE to see the creekin' video. I post this video to show that kids still really do want to go out and just be kids. High school girls acting like 5th grade boys in the mud and simply enjoying life! Great job girls and thanks for the laugh.

Some moms were a little concerned. Honestly, I don't know if it's ok but what I do know is this... there are high school girls out drinking, smoking and treating their bodies with a lack of respect. My daughter is having good clean (actually pretty dirty) fun playing in the mud. Hearing their stories and giggles gave me a wonderful sense of who they are. They are beautifully created in His image. Thank you girls for putting a huge smile on my face tonight!

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