Thursday, May 4, 2017

Senior Spring Strings

Her Last Orchestra Performance

Senior Recognition
Can I just be honest? I was a little disappointed that the recognition of seniors in orchestra consisted of, "when I call your name please stand." That was it!! OK so they did get, nine years of practicing, four years of a very successful but sometimes overly crabby instructor, more concerts and competitions than I can count, one marching event in the Millard parade carrying a cello (not even kidding about this), two big school trips, early morning rehearsals, music instructors fighting over students and lots of wonderful memories. It's just that band and choir really celebrate their seniors, I would have loved to see the same thing happen for Emma.

Mrs Ritchie

Brianna, Saisha and Emma

The Symphony

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Vicki said...

Another milestone in a year of "last times"...