Monday, May 29, 2017

The Graduate

 I truly do not know how we got to this point so quickly. The days were LONG and the years were SHORT! There are days in the last 18.25 years that are so easily retrievable that my five senses go into overdrive as I think about them.
-The day Emma was born: the smell and feel of her skin as Dr Matson placed her on my chest is so vivid
-The day we brought Emma home: walking in our house and feeling terrified because I didn't know what to do next.
-The first time I saw Emma's blood: panic struck as she smashed her nose on the tile floor at the Richey's house. No more dresses for crawlers.
-The day our toddler fell through the bleachers: this still brings me to tears! I can see her slip through my hands. I can feel my heart in my throat as we race to the ground. I can feel the warm blood gushing from her head onto my face. I can smell the antiseptic odor in the ambulance. I can see the terror in Chris' face as he walks in the hospital. I can feel the love of our church family surrounding us in the waiting room.
-The day Emma told the office about the new baby: I can see the outfit she was wearing and the proud smile on her face as she told Nikki and Marti that she was about to have a baby sister named Reagan
-The day Emma went to kindergarten: I can feel the joy of taking pictures on our front porch with Nana, Emma in a cute pink shirt and suddenly I was a mess as I realized I had the time wrong...she was late.
-The day Emma started her period: I was cooking rice, beans and sausage with Danielle at the ocean when I got a text. Not sure what she would have done if I wouldn't have seen my phone but she was terrified!
-The day Emma's heart was torn apart by her first love: I saw my girl walk in the door with a swollen tear stained face. I just held her until she could breathe again, my heart broke a little that day.
-The first day of Emma's senior year: The aroma of dinner (eihusen chicken) wafted through the dinning room as the family sat down to pray. The girls were ready to get the school year over with and I was praying for the time to pass slowly.

I know this list will go on as we build more memories. Em, you are going to do amazing things. Dad and I can't wait to watch you grow into the woman God created you to be. Your gifts are just for you, no one else can do what you do so don't waste your time comparing yourself to others.

The last three years Emma has played her cello during graduation and finally this year she gets to walk!

Senior Choir Members
The senior choir members sang For Good from the musical Wicked. I thought I would cry like a baby but I must have been too amped up to get emotional. In fact, when I sat down in my seat at 4pm I realized we did not have one single tissue with us. "What if I do the ugly sobbing cry" I asked Chris. To my amazement, not one tear was shed by this mama. I tell ya, some of the biggest moments in my life, like our wedding, the birth of the girls and now Emma's graduation I did not cry.
Headed to the Stage

Look Mom and Dad...I got it!
591 Graduates

Proud Aunt

Proud Grandparents
Thank you Dean and Linda (aka Papa and Nana) for not only being physically available to our family but also emotionally and spiritually. You are a model of love, patience, generosity, forgiveness, wisdom and faith. I love you!

The Fam minus Reagan
Graduation day and we are minus one family member. Emma's graduation and Reagan's out of state soccer tournament fell on the same weekend. What a fiasco! Without a doubt I was trying everything in my power to make it work. In the final days I cancelled the airline ticket so Reagan could travel with her teammates via old fashion van and highway. Good news: Emma still made it across the stage with out her biggest fan in the crowd. The girls love each other dearly but decided together that life would go on whether or not little sis was there. Reagan's one request was to capture a video just in case Emma tripped on stage. What a sweetheart!

You worked hard, most of the time.
You showed up prepared, most of the time.
You got good grades, most of the time.
You made us crazy, some of the time.
To be serious, we are proud of you, Em! You were involved in orchestra, choir, softball, track, church, volunteering, working, NETFLIX, family and still graduated with a 3.95, Magna Cum Laude. Good job girl! Use what you have learned, go out to make the world a better place one day at a time. Most of all remember, you will make mistakes but Jesus will love you just the same then as He does now. You can always run to the arms of the Father.

Happy High School Graduation Em! 

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Vicki said...

Awww, what a privilege to watch this sweet baby (devotions at Einstein's) grow into an awesome young woman. I'm proud of you, Emma! Can't wait to see what challenges and opportunities your college years bring. Good job Melanie and Chris!!